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  1. Hi, anyone know where to get cheap kitchen tap? I bought it online but didnt fix the hole. Anyone know any cheap shop in sg for kitchen tap.
  2. Hi, anyone know where to get cheap kitchen tap? I bought it online but didnt fix the hole. Anyone know any cheap shop in sg for kitchen tap.
  3. This is poor workmanship.... I am sure it can be done nice and neat.... I have a full glass panel dividing my kitchen and living nicely done... But I dun have mild steel in between.... What is the limitation? Did they mentioned? If cant be done, they shd tell u earlier and u can think of other idea.... Just my suggestion, why dun u have a full piece glass.... it look neater and nicer... just my 2 cent...
  4. Hi all, My wooden toilet swing door start peeling off. Any recommendation beside glass, pddoor and bifold door? Anyone used PVC swing door for toilet? Hope to hear more feedback... TIA...
  5. A piece of advise to all.... I have done reno few times le... And I know all pattern.... If the deal is too good to be true.... And if there are ppl complaining about it... Skip it to save trouble.... Find another ID... there are so many in SG... Dun be in a headache situation.... Is painful.... Maybe it might be a bit more cost using other ID, but it really can save ur pain if the work is prompt and nice... The best to save is dun find ID.... a contractor can do the job... Alot of IDs dun coordinate for u too... Just think of ur own idea.... tell your contractor... they can do the same as ID.... think about it... My past experience...
  6. Why aint u naming the ID firm? There is no purpose of posting wo naming them.... U should post the firm to warn others....
  7. Hi can I know if anyone engaged ***** b4? Izzit gd and responsible?
  8. Dun be silly Art sense. who say u have not commit a crime. U can be charge for scam if there are more than 20 person reporting you to police.... Let hope all the victims gather together and punish u... Hope u can go to jail soon and stop scamming ppl.... I cannot believe such an idiot like u exist in the world... Con ppl money then ask for more money... ppl paid full and yet u dare ask for 280 transport... u must be mad.... My advise to all... if the transport company call ask for 280... agreed to it ... Once they come, tell them claim from kevin telling them u pay him le... if they not happy... ask them bring back the sofa.... The ppl want they leave it... if not they make a waste trip... dun let them con the extra transport feess...
  9. This is another posting of artsense scam art..... Victims from 2 thread can gather together and make police report
  10. Hi all victims, dun bother with artsense.... whatever he talk dun make sense at all... He just treating everyone of u like 3 yr old kids whom he tot he can fool... Just gather all victims together and report to the police together.... It helps... at least 10 ppl.... The police will definitely investigate.... Arguing here with him does not help... cos if sure he wont return the money.... Action now all victims....
  11. U didnt run away but u didnt refund ppl.... Ppl go small court claim and u didnt appear... They won and u did not payout the refund.... Why u say u are here to settle their problem... Dun bull**** can....
  12. Wow he didnt refund ppl and yet drive a mercedes.... From all his post, he didnt mention anything about refunding ppl... He keep blaming about his management.... Pushing all blame away... Who cares about his company problem... They just want their hard earn money back.... Can drive mercedes cannot refund ppl.... I confirmed he is out to con,.... Let dun let him get away with it... He must be punish... Either by law or other way.... And there are simply too many complaints about his company.... Why not everyone gather and go to his house and make a fuss.... Let him call the police if he want.... See if the police help him or help u guys.... Anyone got his address???
  13. Seriously I will have engage lawyer to sue them if I am one of the victim... How can we let such company to con our hard earn money... Director of art sense need some punishment... They took victim money to spend and just closed down... Obviously out to con... Really hope someone can punish the director of art sense
  14. Since art sense has closed down... No point to argue... If anyone know which other company they are in now... Post in forum to warn us... So that no one get con again...