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  1. Hi guys, sincere apologies for late replies. Was busy with moving in and have been really busy with work so didn't have time to come in. Before I engage the ID, I did an acra search on his company just to make sure there is no legal suit or bankruptcy proceedings against it. From the acra search, I found out that the company is registered in a lady's name and he is not even listed as a director when he claimed he is the boss. This arose my suspicion as I know a bankrupt cannot be named as a company's director so I did a further check on him. That's when I found out his was sued and made a bankrupt. Not sure if he is discharged. Decided to give him a chance as he has 2 young kids to feed, wife is not working and got deceived by his excellent customer service before signing of contract. It's sad that he didn't not appreciate the chance I gave him. Nonetheless, everything I have mentioned here is true, supported by watsapps messages, pictures and evidence so I am very certain he cannot sue me for defamation. However, by revealing his name and company, it will likely destroy his rice bowl. On the other hand, I m doing a disservice to all if I remain silent.. I m really caught in a dilemma.. what should I do?
  2. Installation of vanity top at wrong bathroom. Look at the space between the vanity top and WC. The longer one should be in the master bath.
  3. I used jif to was and can you see the difference? The dirty side is "wash" by the contractor using "chemical". The clean side is washed by me using jif.
  4. Fast forward to 1 day before handover date, the ID message me several times to remind me to make the final payment the day after. My reply to him was that I have never missed any payment so I do not understand why he is so concern. The amount is only $3k plus (final 5%) so I don't understand why he is so concern when I have already paid 95% of the amount promptly? Anyway, he seems to be constantly tight on money.. well Guess what? He actually locked the metal gate on the night before handover date to prevent me from entering my house!!! As the gate is new, he did not give me the keys.. effectively, I m locked out of my own house by my contractor as he is afraid I won't pay him the remaining 5%!!!
  5. To continue the story, all was good in the beginning. He answered call or called back promptly if the call was missed. I was impressed by his good attitude and even recommended Friends to him. Fortunately, none of them took his package as he quoted 20% to 30% higher than the other Contractors. Anyway, I have asked him to provide electrical quote upfront but he said it cannot be done as it is electrical is the last part and he will provide a quote towards the end. BIG Mistake for me!! He assured me that it "won't be much" and ard $2k. Guess what? In the end it became $4k plus. I had no choice but to accept his quote. if I get other electrician to quote I will have to pay for concealed wiring and cutting of false ceiling separately so everyone, pls learn from my mistake and insist on electrical quote upfront.
  6. Finally have time to continue... pre renovation works all went well.. but our problem starts for the very day of hacking. 2 to 3 weeks of hacking? I feel really sorry for my Neighbours. Received calls from MCST almost Everyday due to complain. I should have know when the ID turned up with 1 worker to do hacking... my Friend staying in a larger condo had his hacking done in 3 days.. my ID said he received complain all the time so asked me not to worry as he will handle the Neighbours. The next thing I knew my Neighbour downstairs complained that their wall and ceiling cracked due to the hacking. Hacking had to stop and mcst and my ID went to inspect the unit. My ID assured me that this has nothing to do with me and he will handle it... From there on problem starts to surface..
  7. Just had my renovation done. absolutely disappointed with the service and quality of the work done but happy to pay off the final payment and get them out of my house asap. Didn't even bother to do a detailed handover as i have completely lost faith in the firm. The biggest joke is that they repeatedly WARNED me not to hide behind keyboard and make any posting abt their firm.. well, i told them i will share my experience and there is nothing wrong with that. All started well with submission / amendment of quotes and finally the signing. Replies were prompt and the ID make every effort to accommodate our timing and place to meet to talk abt his quotations. We don't make unreasonable requests and have never asked to meet at odd hours or Sundays. The ID told us weekend is his family time and we respect that. Lots of assurance from him, "don't worry", "simple job" "won't cost much".. Though the contract was drafted in very generic contract clauses, like installation of all kitchen fittings, installation of all sanitary fittings, general hacking work, instead of listing individual items,. The ID gave lots of assurance saying "don't worry, i am very gentleman one. not like other contractors. Won't say not included in contract. no black and white" Biggest mistake to believe him.... That's where the problem begins.......