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  1. Hi Mr Kevin Ben Lim - Business Devt Manager I believed you are the person posting the above replies. I have to make presumption since you have again ignored my question. Very typical of your style. First of all, I have to correct you that I am a genuine customer and I am not out to “exploit the situation just for my own benefit” in your words. I am frustrated with your company missing the delivery dates time and again and ignoring my phone calls, phone messages and emails to resolve or settle the issue. In the first place, I didn’t demand for the discount. It was Don who had offered it and Jon who gave me an email confirmation on the discount. I believed as a “CUSTOMER” I have been fair and understanding : tolerating 4 changes to the delivery dates communicating my request to speak to the boss given deadline for your co to respond stating clearly that I will take other course of action.But Sense Art chose not to “communicate”. In case you still don’t get it, the issue is about how your company runs your business and the practices you adopt and poor customer service standards. Isn’t Renotalk a platform for consumers to seek advice and to share their good and bad experiences and highlighting good and bad company practices? I am just creating consumer awareness where Sense Art is concerned. Based on your replies and also from other consumers’ feedback in Renotalk (http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/57945-anyone-purchased-a-sofa-from-sense-art-pte-ltd/?hl=%2Bsense+%2Bart), you have admitted that your company usually cannot keep to your delivery dates and you deemed it as “normal” in running your company business and therefore no big deal. Hence it’s proven that my issue raised is genuine and backed by evidence. Hence there is no despicable act on my part and your comment is uncalled for. If you upheld your company’s beliefs and practices are such, I have an advice for you. Please be upfront and inform your customers to be prepared for many changes to delivery dates. Then leave it to your customers to decide if they can accommodate your company’s unique practices and decide if they are still interested to buy goods from you. Be frank and open so that you do not need to evade and ignore your customers’ calls or emails when they call you or your office on non delivery of goods on agreed dates.
  2. Sense Art, Pls provide your name so that I know whom am I communicating and to ascertain if you understand my issue and if you have been provided with the correct picture before you made the above comments.
  3. Hi Sense Art, May I know how should I address you and in what capacity/designation are you replying on behalf of Sense Art?
  4. I had a lousy, tedious and frustrating experience with Sense Art Pte Ltd. I paid in full for a sofa mid Jan 13 at Spore Expo. Delivery was to be before Chinese New Year. But the delivery date was changed 4 times and the sofa finally delivered in Mar 13. Sense Art had given me a black and white email on a 10% discount on my sofa but till now, no response from the company despite me sending emails to Mr Don, Mr Jon and Mr Kevin Ben Lim. During this whole process, I was always the one to initiate and follow up with Sense Art on delivery dates instead of Sense Art following up with me, the CUSTOMER. My many phone calls, messages and emails were ignored by Mr Don, Mr Jon and Mr Kevin Ben Lim. The concept of customer service is either not understood or not practiced by Sense Art Pte Ltd. As a customer, I have been fair and understanding. I had given Sense Art Pte Ltd ample time (mid Mar till May) to respond to my email and honour the payment of 10% discount. I am sharing my experience so that you will make a wise choice where Sense Art is concerned. By the way, their group of companies also include Plush Mattress Boutique and Curtain4u. It is a pity that Sense Art Pte Ltd has chosen to disregard their company’s image and reputation for a mere S$200. I believed as a consumer, we should choose to buy from company that has excellent customer service, is trustworthy and honour their words.