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  1. Hi BlurryKid,

    Which Contractor/ID you choose in the end.

    Mind PM me the contact?


  2. Juz to share. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/-our-singapore-conversation--what-do-you-want-to-talk-about-.html Cost of Housing is top issue, next is foreign talent. Wonder if our government will do anything about it. Inflation now is also starting to become an issue especially to the lower and middle lower income families
  3. Did my eyes play a trick on me? I thought it was Jgal that posted this juz now? Or my eyes playing tricks on me By the way you and her good frens ah? Lol. She juz bought a 1195sqft at Marine Parade want to rent out you also just bought one there and similar size as her and also wanna rent it out? Lol
  4. mine bonus niah lehz. But good enuff for me liowz considering dont need much capital to begin with not to forget I get to stay like FOC and still get bonus?
  5. I ordered a few E27 and E14 LED bulbs test water first . Your downlights which one you order? Me going to order in next batch..keke
  6. I use 65daigou to ship here one. Easier as dont have to do any co-ordination and they will check the goods for you before shipping it to Singapore. For bulky items I use sea freight as its much cheaper. They do charge agent fees but me is under the SVIP hence only 4% agent fees required
  7. juz to share sidetrack a bit. For taps, rainshow etc I got mine from this one http://shop35022378.taobao.com/?spm=2013. The brand Jomoo is quite good quality and finishing all very well done and cheap cheap price!!
  8. Best way is use one spare room in your hse if available to store the stuffs and then do as online shop and customers can pickup from your place! Like that you even save on rental which is the main killer on eating into your profits
  9. wah lao u ah...keep tempting us...haha. But I am consolidating my stuffs for my 2nd batch shipment liowz. Keke. Still got kitchen light havent buy, toilet taps and getting some E27 and E14 LED lightbulb see quality first. If good will order all for the house...
  10. can share where to get the valve to convert both way to cold water? Gam siah also how's ur kitchen light? Fixed up liowz and gd? I wanna order kitchen lighting also.
  11. Can kindly share what real estate jtc recently bought. Am interested in the news No lah i am not here to argue also. I juz feel that its gd to have exchange of views and others also get to benefit from the information.
  12. Destresd units but if mkt is hot there will be buyers offering maybe 15% below value to top ur purchase . Meaning if u view it at 20% below value a gd buy means others will prob see it at the same value. Juz to share here. I got my flat from a seller JTC. According to my agent his agency alone is helping JtC to dispose quite a few of these hdb flats into the mkt and there may still be other agencies helping to dispose of others. these flats r supposed to be rented out based on their SHIFT housing policy to expats coming to SG to work. Even though i donno the rationale behind as to why they wanna dispose of these flats but it seems like its either becos of their divestment plan or is it becos expats will not come in droves hence there will not be so much demand for their SHIFT housing. This current flat i am buying has already been empty for almost 6mths. If even such a big corporation is disposing their ppty why do u think big corporations will be buying? This is juz my 2 cents worth
  13. U know hor yesterday i went nova furnishing. I saw one light selling at $349 whereby i remember seeing it selling for approx sgd $30 in taobao!!!! Kia si lang ah!! Lol
  14. Have u asked urself a question why was the seller willing to sell to u at 20% below valuation if the ppty mkt is still hot? Juz sharing here
  15. Yes truly agree kids are priceless hence have not regretted ever since i started staying at home to care for them. You get to know what is happening to them understand them more n this is something that $ cannot buy. Juz like i realise my ger loves music n she is already on abrsm grade2 at 6yrs old. I feel so happy when the kids tell me they prefer me at home taking care of them instead of working