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  1. Another sharing session, We have been looking and searching around for an ID. Initially, we cannot decide if we should get a contractor or an ID until one of my friend told me the problem that she faced when dealing with a contractor. Well, I am not saying every contractor will give a headache but I am more on visual person. I need to see drawing =) I sent an email to few IDs and got few quotations, after we did some comparison, we shortlisted 2 IDs. One of them is The Living Arts. We met Thomas and we were comfortably sharing our idea and budget with him. However, we don’t want to commit ourselves since we hasn’t meet up with another company. To shorten my story, we decided to sign on the dotted line with the Living Arts. The renovation started almost immediately and Thomas was quickly helping us to arrange his workers to come down do hacking and applying the permit with HDB. Efficient, helpful, patience, and he give us genuine input when we came out with an idea. He will tell us if our idea is working or give us his advice on improving it. Our renovation is done on 03 Jul and he was kind enough to drop us a message telling us to call him if we find any problems with the house. Alright, that is his personal traits. Now comes to his workmanships. He came with different group of workers, for hacking is Indian, tiles is Chinese, plumber is Malaysian. So far, except that the grouts in the toilet tiles that left yellowish, which they tried to apply the second layered. And the way they placed the wall tiles at the entrance to kitchen is off cantered. Other than that, personally, we are happy with their service and quality of work.
  2. I went down to Defong and spoke to Nicholas. He is a soft spoken and nice chap except that the quote that he gave us seems like not compact. A lot of hidden cost incurred when we asked him. In addition, he seems unprepared for the appointment. Does Kevin will be a better person for this ID company to speak to?
  3. Dear Forummer Any photos to show us? We are shortlisted this company. Any bad comments?
  4. Do you mind to pm me your contractor contact? Thanks.

  5. Hi

    Can I have Kevin/s contact?

    Thank you.


  6. Hi

    I like your house. Do you mind to share with me the ID/contractor contact?


  7. Hi.. Do you mind to send me the contact of the contractor?

  8. Hi CMMHO55 Thanks for the advice.I learn so much things in this renotalk =) Any recommendation in the contractor?
  9. Thanks for sharing. Can bring it to CASE?
  10. Hi

    May I have Alan's contact? How is his works? Any comments?



  11. I thought the bank loan with variable interest rate is pretty affordable now. But then, of course you need to refinance after that.
  12. Hi BlurryKid,

    Which Contractor/ID you choose in the end.

    Mind PM me the contact?


  13. Hi Would you mind to share the cost and how long does it take to renovate your house?