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  1. Hi there can u pm me the Amt you spent on your kitchen cabinets with the solid surface? I am also engaging defong to do my house

  2. oh ya.. correct.. that part is raw.. but covered by the table top so should be ok? .. didnt really check on the bottom of my drawers.. i guess 1 dont pay much attention to areas that cannot normally be seen..
  3. erm mayb i shall help my wife to answer the questions.. i think all wooden furnitures, cabinets and stuffs etc should be lamintated, or at least lacquered to have a layer of protection. i dont think people will use raw wood directly for kitchen cabinet without any laminates in singapore. do you have a picture to show? or mayb the ones u have is a laminate design of raw wood? some laminate design do have powdering feel when u touch them but it shouldnt be a problem as they are made to feel like that. Water that occasionally splashed onto the wood should be wipe dry everytime when u are done cooking and there shouldnt be any problem.. and if you are living in a HDB, it's quite seldom to get termites in the house unless they come together with the furnitures that u bought. normally termite infestion occurs in landed housing and low level apartment more often.. please correct me if i said anything incorrectly, just sharing my 2cent worth of opinion.
  4. i guess it will be useful for it too. even if you have a carpeted floor, u can just sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, leave for it to settle for an hr or so than vaccuum it up and the stench would be greatly reduced. i have never touched baking soda in my life before i got married and have my own home.. and now.. i simply can't live without it.. haha my wife always find stubborn stains for me to clean with it
  5. Did you check whether ur hot water valve is turn to max? our hot water pressure is ok. but because the piping wasnt laid to maximize water pressure, the water pressure for our common toilet wasn't so good or could be because it is too near the storage heater, but for our MBR toilet is ok and the rainshower works fine.(hot water is definately working very well) oh ya.. mayb can ask albert if he got any good tips to improve water pressure bo..
  6. provided 2 yrs down the road u still can find the reno uncle to rectify ur mistakes lor.. you never know normally hollow tiles start popping after at least 5 yrs+ so u dont really have to rectify la.. but for me i believe in making my home a safe place to live in. prevention is better than cure.. renovate the house spend so much liao.. of coz want it to be safe and cosy to live in mah
  7. lol was busy just now.. u wanna do mirror like mine and coffee table?
  8. LOL.. yes the mirror is placed above the skirting. initially i only wanted a piece of mirror, but my uncle suggested making white frame so it will look nicer... and when he say it's FOC i dont dare to ask too much also... paiseh la.... haha.. but if trim the frame to fit into the skirting area dunno the support below will be strong enough or not. and mopping the floor will be a problem if the wooden frame keeps getting wet... especially when my wife mops the day almost twice everyday.. -,-"
  9. console is made of solid wood.. even i have problem lifting it.. .hahaha the carpenters move up also covered in sweat.. like showering
  10. =.=" i also dun understand
  11. haha i like this idea XD mayb i shall place some eggshells in my home.. i hate lizards~~
  12. the chairs we ordered from gmarket is here XD didnt expect the box to be so big... lucky only ordered 2 first.. if not i wonder how am i gonna carry all of it home... heee..
  13. i shall go home and read through the instructions to see if there is anyway it can help to save water ba..
  14. most prob he wont declare it also... the more u declare, the higher ur chargable income is... this line got many many under table ways to get $$... so best way to safeguard comsumer's rights, like u said is to make sure we get receipts for every payments we made. but sometimes.. they issue receipts to us but also never report to government 1. as long as the cheque is not crossed to the company's name, the uncle can say and do watever he wants with the $$... mayb can go MBS huat with the $$.. than money clean clean liao..
  15. sometimes they simply just say they absorb the gst for us.. (actual fact is they already mark up enough to cover the gst they incurred.) and a non gst registered company will have lesser problem handling their accounts.. and some do "creative accounting" to siam their taxable income.. blabla.. anyway.. it's not up to us to decide.. we can only aga-aga... but if it's me.. i definately dont wanna have gst.. coz it's so troublesome..