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  1. Following items for sale, please arrange for self collection or engage your own mover. 1. Victorian style dinning set. Table top 1500mm x 900mm, white colour coated glass top with stainless steel legs. Table condition is very good, but the chairs' PVC are peeling off, selling the table for $500, free 6 chairs 2. Wardrobe with 2 sliding doors. Size 46.5" x 73.5", walnut colour with white colour coated glass doors, condition is good, selling for $230. 3. Victorian style TV console. Size 2000mm x 400mm, white colour solid wood with 3 drawers with glass top and drawers surface. Condition is good, selling for $400. 4. IKEA glass desk. Condition is excellent, selling for $50. 6. Bedside table. Condition is excellent, selling for $40. Viewing at Sembawang, more items available. Contact 9-7-8-9 for more information.
  2. Hi, I need a quote for doing the following: - replace living room ceiling light with ceiling fan with light - lay 3 new lighting points and installation of 3 LED box lights Area at Sembawang Thanks.
  3. Hi clpersonal, sorry for late reply, I furnished my house with stuff from Taobao, the wallpapers as well as the curtain. You may like to visit www.taobao.com for shopping
  4. 一分钱一分货lo, we used top load, cheaper version but bigger capacity, so far so good.
  5. Thanks for everyone's concerns, it is not our initiall plan to change all the windows, anyway it is merely 13 years and we never thought that the condition is so bad. I have been busy with the DIY stuff that I ignore about the windows, I believe that changing the whole house windows cost atleast 3k, maybe we will do it after a year or 2, if really cannot finish cleaning by then...
  6. Need my help for the wallpapers? must earn some partime $$$
  7. NeoBY, you make me laught , I use that to clean my basin, tiles and WC, no problems. But for the stains that have been accumulating over the decades with no one bother to "take care" of them, I wonder the steel scrubber can do the job...
  8. When your skin is dirty or when you sweat, you rub your skin and those dead cells will appear in grey-black colour, aparently I don't know what it was called in English, Hokkien peoples call it laki, just to describe how dirty my window grills are. Jass, th kitchen one is totally 100% hopeless, and that why it cost me $280 to change it. All the rest of windows are dirty, with very thick stains, I really donno what is the easier way to clean besides rubbing with "cow-power", I saw some people recommend vesaline and zippo, but just think that it can't be help for my case. Anyway brasso and autosol solve the problems, but slowly..
  9. Thinner disolve and remove paint only, but not the thick laki stains!
  10. Ofcoz not everyday, but when got time, I will think of the windows. I still remember when viewing the house, we thought that the dust on the windows can be cleanned easily, but who know after the dust layer, there is another layer of donno what laki or what sai, stick on all my window grill, I bought brasso, I bought autosol, still rub like hell then the can remove little bit of the stains. Apart from that, all my windows kena paints badly (thanks to the ex-owner), haiz, 1 cent money 1 cent goods lo!
  11. , looking forward to see your TB stuff and the wallpapers, (if I have time...)
  12. Aya, MOP 5 years leh, so fast got another idea already ah?? I actually planning to stay at my new home till going heaven, no point moving moving and reno reno mah, very tired journey.
  13. Take over my blog, I got no time to manage, still busy cleaning the windows, everyday go back sian ah, luckily i got the blind to cover them
  14. Cannot PM, maybe your msg full liao, I leave first 4 numbers in your profile, last 4 numbers are ****. Uncle Peter, the painting guy