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  1. Hi! can send me your contractor details 


    8123 9905


  2. Your Id have to mark up. That is how they make their money. Half is too much for profit. Unless you know what to advise your electrician to do, if it is best to leave it to your id. But press the price down a bit. If you engaged a direct contractor like mine that does carpentry, plumbing and electrical, then this issue should not arise.
  3. For best laminate on best plywood, there are plenty in the market, depends on the price you want to pay. For spray painted mdf door wardrobe, local also can find good companies who can spray paint well. For solid wood, it is hard to find here. Maybe you need to go overseas like indonesia, china
  4. Go find another contractor immediately. Your contractor is not truthful and does not even want to provide soft close hinge FOC. A soft close hinge cost about $1 to $1.50 for normal brands. Blum cost more of course. For kitchen you use about 30 pieces if based on my kitchen. Each door use two pieces. So they save $30 only and they give you a lousy kitchen and they tell you some stories. My contractor even provide a soft close stainless steel pull out tray free for my kitchen. But my reno is whole house. i purchase another tray for $200.
  5. The cost is about $550 at most if based on 9 ft similar to mine installed by my direct glass reno contractor with own workers.
  6. It is precisely thses hdb appointed contractors that put up such high prices after bidding high prices to ge the sand, debris clearing contract from hdb, so they need to recover their costs! Imagine you do only kitchen base, you probably use less than half of a big bag of sand costing about $50 a full bag. Add a few bags of $6 a bag of cement which your ID or wet works contractor pays, and these hdb contractor just them up only and clear the balance materials after completion and they charged you $900. It is not cheaper and your government did not subsidised your sand. Why some id dont care or keep quiet before you sign on the reno contract for such small jobs? It is because there is no hacking and their hacking contractor covers sand and haulage. So for haulage, they would have to engage their hacking company to make several trips to bring up materials, provide sand, clear debris and it cost them money, so they simply dont tell the owner first or say hdb regulations, haulage and sand must be provided by hdb appointed contractor on the notice at the lift which is a lie. And passed this $900 costs to the innocent house owners who have to pay a lot more. So go with contractors that does their own hacking and wet works with own workers to avoid these high hidden costs. If you cannot find such contractor, pm me.
  7. Do you mind to pm me your contractor contact? Thanks.

  8. Hi,

    could you share ken's contact no#?

  9. hi, may i know how are the cabinets and wardrobes? up to standard? the reason i'm asking is becos the cabinets made for myu current house are not up to standard...

  10. Hi,

    Could I get the contractor's contact please?


  11. Can you share who have you engage in pm thanks