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  1. Hi can share your granite supplier contact?

    You can pm me or drop me a mail - sgb_soo@yahoo.com.

    Thks in advance.

  2. i bought my yale set in bronze from serangoon north hardware shop called hai chew at $90. saw the same thing in IMM but selling at $150.
  3. my colleague did calculate the charge. it is similar to vpost charge. just that anything you have to ask the seller yourself. vpost only pay and deliver.
  4. the tiles look nice! mine is pinkish marble tiles. i paint my walls using medifresh white. wanted something more modern yet easy to match furniture. you can consider lily white...more of yellowish white..which is more warm and cosy....also depends what colour of furniture you plan to place on it.
  5. hi huzc, have PM you! Hi Yuki & Jason, i use www.pazar8.com to help with the purchase! They will help to liaise with the sellers and make payment on behalf of us and handle the shipping part too!
  6. oh disposable ones ah?? more handy and convenient but not very green wor!! hahaaaa u can try that then!! let me know if it works...haha
  7. no choice then...since it's already done!! well at least it brings some colours!! congrats on moving in soon!! unpacking is the worst thing!! but after that grueling task, it's worth it! you have many hands to help with!
  8. congrats on your new flat!! wow it's really a very big space you have! You have 3 toilets! 7 weeks to reno is really a big challenge! But think still can be done if all the works are scheduled properly. all the best for your reno!! enjoy the process!
  9. nice layout! congrats! all the best for your reno! looking forward to see transformation! we also did look at EC and DBSS..but felt that it's not worth it plus the long waiting time puts us off! thus, we looked at resale flats...fun to go flat hunting but hubby thinks it's so tiring!!
  10. Congrats on your start of Reno! Your master bedroom 3d is so lux and posh! All the best for your Reno!! I also got some of my sanitary stuff from khk with the kohler stuff!
  11. Hi Stanley, all the best for your reno!! Neo also did the house for Lady R too! Hi teobp0814, i've emailed you the place!
  12. Purchase over the weekend! We went to Moderne at Temple street to purchase the white coffee cups with squarish saucers. Been trying to look for squarish shaped coffee cups but to no avail ever since we been to Punggol cafe for tea. we walked further down. Finally we went to Sia Huat. This is the first time we went there! Wow really many many things inside! We bought a Zebra 32cm stock pot to cater for future big groups of entertaining with regards to soup especially for steamboat! Totts @ Sime Darby Center belongs to them too. The staff who served us was shocked when we told them this was our first time there! She said she was so sad as the store has been established more than 50 years. Then she gave us a 10% discount on our stock pot! Yippee! I've learnt not to buy those pot set as I realised back in my parent's place, we did not get to use all of them. Thus, for my new house, I just buy them individually! The Visions glass pot is enough for us at the moment. We also went to Takashimaya for member's sales! We bought a Neoflam ceramic frying pan. Seems not bad! I like the bright red colour too! We have 3 drawers at our island. The first one is for forks and spoons etc. The second one is for cups and the third is for plates and bowls! We specifically told our contractor that we want to put our cups inside the drawers. The plates and bowls are from Ikea though. Otherwise, usually they would manufacture 4 drawers which are neither here nor there in depth to put various stuff.
  13. Cool, nice progress there you have, bro! Looking forward to see the transformation!
  14. oh they have something like that, but not quite like it. Think it's customised for the Punggol cafe! Nevertheless, I've bought some cups and saucers at Moderne. Went to Sia Huat also. Totts is their new shop! Bought a 32cm Zebra stockpot from them. They even gave me a 10% discount since it's my first time there! haha we are so noob! It's meant for huge group. Otherwise the normal size Visions pot would not suffice. Learnt not to buy the sets as there were a few which we din really use at all at my parents' place.