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  1. Hi Peppa, I totally understand ur frustration. This laminate issue needs to be reviewed. I am intending to go to case to see what can they do to help me recover my additional cost incurred from the laminate company. Mine kitchen cabinets has ard 15 doors. mine is horizontal n a few panels is longer. I have pm u the contractor no. Do read up the earlier few post on the feedback of the cabinets for the quality. All da best.
  2. Hi Tamcamwan, I have relaminate my kitchen cabinets to a colour I like. The jointing part has obvious black lines when view close up. According to carpenter, he says it's bcoz he paste the laminate over so it's thicker and thus result in a black gap. If u choose dark laminates, I suppose the black gaps would not even be noticeable. My kitchen laminate is white and I will paint over the black lines once I settle down so I am ok with it. If u can't accept the black lines, then have to do a new cabinet. My previous contractor did mentioned that the pasting of laminate will not last in the long run... But in my point of view, I will b happy looking at laminate I like everyday then to sulk at the ugly laminate everyday. Just gotto be extra gente n careful when handling the cabinets hopefully can prolong their life span. I try to see if I can upload pics here for ur reference. Damage is $900. All da best!
  3. EdensMom u r good! Got loads of good tips from u. I just check out the decal company u recommend and I am happy I have solutions for my biofold door and kitchen walls now. Was cracking my head every night for weeks. I now have a few good suggestions and also found 2 "good priced" contractors ( standby them already). Must finalise already n hopefully my dream kitchen will be up in another week.
  4. Smartlady, I think I better not take the risk since u had a bad experience with ur carpenters. Will check out other alternatives first instead. Btw i found 2 carpenters that could do up my kitchen with the new lamination and I was quoted $800+, dats a expensive lesson learnt. Thank u.
  5. Smartlady, can share ur carpenter contacts with me? I m looking for carpenters have experience im doing this. I just realise my door didnt get any abs trimmed too and i m charged so ex for the cabinets. Thank u in advance.
  6. U are lucky. I didn't read renotalk on advise for this ... Thus didn't know my rights. Hope this info will help newbies doing Reno. You can and must request for bigger samples to view.
  7. I freaking can't believe my contractor who did my whole house charge me $2000++ for the changing of less than 20 doors... Whereas other contractors i randomly called charged $1000-1400 ... And is partly his fault as he kept telling me no bigger piece to see when I repeatedly request. Arghhh!
  8. Lesson learnt- The actual full piece laminate will look a bit different from the catalogue's tiny piece. It is best to check out the bigger sample piece before making the decision.My wood feel laminates turns out to have "eyes" that is super big n looong. Grrrr.....
  9. Thank u Ganglong. At this price of $120-$150 per door, it is the same price as doing up a whole new cabinet. Think this will be my last last resort. Thank u EdensMom, I googled painting. Apparently it's quite popular n common oversea but contractors here say the paint will not "eat onto" the laminate. I am using wood feel finish lamiate for my cabinets which I think painting is possible but the whole outlook might not look good anymore. Yup decals is definatly a gd idea, but can't seem to find in sg. Mine cabinets must change colour as the whole cabinet turns out beigh instead of white. Color totally mismatch with walls n floor. I m getting samples of the laminates now and do my experiments on them first.
  10. Renotalk experts please help.. My 1 week old kitchen cabinet laminate looks horrible! The tiny piece on the catalogue is so different when it's place on the cabinets itself... What can I do? Can i paint over the laminates? Can I just re-laminate it myself? Any recommendation on carpenters to do re lamination at a good price? on a tight budget now. Very very upset :_ (
  11. Hi XTR, I notice there is a beam just beside ur ceiling fan. Does it affect the wind flow? Can feel the wind while standing on the other side of the beam (near the chute area)? Sorry if this qns seem silly but i come across ceiling fan that has a very bad distribution of wind flow where one can only feel the wind if standing right below the fan only. Like to hear some feedback b4 installing fan in kitchen. Mine unit layout is similar to urs. Also would like to comment that u have a totally beautiful home and ur DIY skills is impressive. Thanks for sharing so much here for all to learn.
  12. Hi Rijac, This a a beautiful Chinese screen. Can share where to get this? Thank you.
  13. Hi, can pm me the list too? Thank you.
  14. Hi Dreamer10, I believe FS painting makes a difference too. Check with you if ur painting is handpainted? Can anyone recommend where to get nice handpainted paintings? Thank you.