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  1. And we have two new additions to our family! Royal & Rumble (yes, after WWE). They are mix breeds of Ragdoll and British shorthair. Here they are with their classic "poor-me" looks. Here's Rumble in his Halloween get-up
  2. Momofuku pulled pork carnitas: Quiche Lorraine featuring a vintage fork from a flea market in Paris.
  3. Crepe cake with whipped chocolate ganache in our Astier de Villatte serving plate: Tarte Aux Pommes:
  4. Jamie Oliver's Seafood Traybake: Shepherd's Pie in an enamel baking pan from Sprmrkt along Amoy St.
  5. Some of the wonderful meals we've shared together ever since we've moved in... all cooked by my amazing wife. Sushi Sunday Salmon Onigiri: Raspberry Friands:
  6. A dinner party we hosted for some good friends. Simple decor ideas like using kraft paper as a table runner and gold candle holder from Hock Siong and a lovely Diptyque candle to add to the atmosphere. Handwritten menu on kraft paper by my wife.
  7. Just sharing some updates from our home We've been collecting Astier de Villatte pieces for the home. Really love the raw finish. We bought most of our pieces from the flagship store along Rue St Honore in Paris.
  8. sorry, I have not checked this thread for a while. To reply some of your queries... Makanology: Oops, I am sure your reno is already over but feel free to PM me if you have any questions still! Zionbrenda: I spent S$30k exactly for my reno. My contractor and carpenter are 2 different people but the carpenter is part of my contractor, Alan's team. If you still don't have his contact, let me know and I will PM you. MHB: S$30k Drunkenchivas/BabyAudrey/Gis/Soulity/Ime/Braceskisses: Let me know if you still need his contact I will PM you.BabyAudrey, huge mirror is $150. Berrycherry: yes it does affect the windflow, I can still feel the wind though. If you want proper windflow, there must be sufficient distance between the fan and the ceiling. Thank you for your kind comments Pills: Wooden Box can be bought from ArtFriend.
  9. some additions to the home got this cloth hook from homeless.hk (hongkong) diy confetti garland for wall
  10. hi summer, thanks for your kind words. I hope yours turn out well too. just keep coming out ideas and see if they all fit in. have fun with reno...its enjoyable because it is your home.
  11. i got no problem with the oil stains on the laminate. Its the same laminate as what everybody is using. The only difference is the colour. Maybe u are refering to the cooking area backing? I used real stainless steel backing. This one need to be proper to last the years. I do cooking once a week and use very little oil. I have been living in for a year already and the laminate still looks shiny n fine. As for your worries about the scratches.... if i take a knife/key/scissors and scratch it then of course it will scratch. I have knocked chairs against it and so far its alright. There wont really be many scratches to the laminate cupboards; there will be more to worry for your solid surface top.
  12. hello hello, 1. I dont have floor plan of new layout. my dining area is beside the main entrance. hope you can see where it is with the 2 pics below. living room. diy black sprayed fan + dining lights + track lights + antelope horn 2.0m dining table + different styled chairs + black chalkboard dining wall 2. I used ICI weathershield. You need to tell the contractor to put primer as first layer to seal it. So far no mould. Just have an issue whereby it does become yellowish. Everyweek i will use CIF and scrub and wash. So far, I touched up and re-painted my toilet twice in a year to maintain that white. I love my white toilet wall but its hard to maintain. I will advise you to put tiles or use darker colour paints like white-grey because its less troublesome.