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  1. The project that i'm busy with. Handcrafted and hand painted. Pm me if you are interested in one of these limited concrete planters. Succulents are included. Visit http://jasmineteng.wordpress.com/ for more info and measurements. benchdisplay by mrswongjas, on Flickr geometric by mrswongjas, on Flickr mini pot by mrswongjas, on Flickr triangle by mrswongjas, on Flickr square white by mrswongjas, on Flickr
  2. Hi takaishi, the black curtain track from ikea. That why we chose woodgrains. Will never go wrong. Hi dark, congrats in getting your keys. Pm you.
  3. Hi guys, it's been awhile i logged in.. Been busy with projects lately. Hi skins, nope the centre part is not glass. Tv console is custom-made with wooden 'grilles' Thanks. we do not have an id. Self-designed the house ourselves. Thanks marcel. Granite from lian hin, #818. Can't remember the price thou. Congrats aloqing1926, must been looking forward to collecting the keys right?! Thanks, we self-designed the home. No id. It's from lamitak, marcello series. hmmm.. for us, we chose to have built-in carpentry for the bedroom to save space. Built-in carpentry last for many years, i guess. Also, choose design and color that gonna 'last' for years.
  4. Mr wk and i have been happily married for a year plus, happily settled in the new house and we just started 'planning' on our 1st baby mission. And then we took part in the renotalk 'home sweet home' contest. Getting first place would be great to kickstart the baby fund. Oh and i can't wait to decorate the baby room in near future!! IMG_3165 by mrswongjas, on Flickr
  5. Geeez, my comp got problem, couldn't quote. Anyway, pm you guys!
  6. Hi, u can get it frm taobao. But d quality not as sturdy as i expected.
  7. Tis the season to be jolly..7 more days to christmas.. falalalala lalalalaaaaaa.....So excited to be spending the first christmas in the new home!Put up the decor and all ready for christmas! IMG_3165 by mrswongjas, on Flickr IMG_3134 by mrswongjas, on Flickr IMG_3135 by mrswongjas, on Flickr IMG_3134 by mrswongjas, on Flickr IMG_3146 by mrswongjas, on Flickr And a new addition.. IMG_3168 by mrswongjas, on Flickr
  8. melevator and arionng. have pm u
  9. Thanks. The storage mirror cabinet was customed made by our carpenter.