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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a lounge chair like this please? Been searching high and low for one! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply Lauer! Problem is, not sure if the final cost is $47k. Could be more/less, hence wondering if its reasonable to insist the ID on providing a variation order to see final cost before paying the 30%
  3. Guys - can i seek your opinion on this please. Based on contract, we're supposed to pay our ID progressively 20-40-30-10 (final 10% after rectifications) So far we have paid the first 60%. Due to changes in our quotation, our original quote of say, $50k, has dropped to around $47k maybe. Is it reasonable for us to request for a variation order before making the next 30% payment? Because if we were to pay 30% based on original quotation, my supposed remaining 10% hostage will effectively drop from $5k to $2k, which I'm afraid the ID would view as negligible hence take his own sweet time to complete rectifications. Any advice pls? Thanks!
  4. Nice sink! May I know where you got it from and hew much? Btw - love your sofa too! The wood makes it look really cosy, though I'd be afraid I'll ram my knee into the sharp corners - ouch!
  5. mabaricows thanks for sharing your experience! now i feel an uncontrollable urge to nag my ID to ensure that nothing is damaged! your cleaners must have done an awful job if something as high up as the chandeliers can rust too. I hope they compensated you somewhat! angelbutterfly it does makes more sense for the washing to be done before carpentry, ya? clean the tiles etc before the carpentry installation, and prevents damages to the woodwork due to the intensity of the chemicals. Think i better doublecheck!
  6. Hi Everyone! Has anyone done their general washing/cleaning after carpentry, when everything is done and ready for handover? Understand most people do the wash before the carpentry installation; any repercussions if its done after? Thanks!!
  7. Has anyone installed a ceiling mount ventilation fan in their toilet? Any reviews, or advice on restrictions etc?
  8. Maybe its better for them to stop then; they're not doing much anyway, and it's probably less painful dealing with other more reliable contractors which you sourced on your own! Such attitude is upsetting. I hope for the best for you and your hubby!
  9. Atrocious.. I'd have freaked out if I were given such workmanship! I hope you guys are witholding a fair sum of payment!
  10. Hi all! Is anyone able to advise which brand of those slimline retractable hoods are good? I've actually shortlisted Bosch and Electrolux - the Brandt one is nice but its 90cm; I only have space for 60cm +/- I don't cook often, and don't usually cook oily stuffs, but mine's an open kitchen so still need a relatively good one which can absorb the oil and smell. Anyone can advise please? Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone! does anyone know where I can purchase a salt lamp in singapore? appreciate, thanks!
  12. Hi there! Anyone knows how I can dispose of my old laptops and PC? I understand there are some karang gunis who will take them, but I've already removed the hard-disks so they are all non-functioning, hence I think the Karang Gunis won't be interested! How can i dispose of the shell and other parts? Appreciate your advice! Thanks!
  13. The only local banks which used to offer SOR have withdrawn their SOR packages. If you dare, you can try Bank of China or ANZ. Can't remember which, but one of them was offering SOR.
  14. Hi guys! Can anyone advise on the price range of toto WCs? Thanks!