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  1. Hi, anyone can advice me if any contractors will do light renovations? I just got my keys to 5I that is in move in condition already. Things i need to do: - Hack down 1 wall(small). There will be some spare tiles to re tile the floor. - Hack down TV console (Very big, like feature wall) - Fabricate TV console and feature wall (7ft) - Install lights and ceilling fans - Install lighting into existing false ceiling (total 12 lights) - Tear and rebuilt one small section of kitchen cabinet - Remove a basin - Install sliding door for storeroom area I have so far visited 2 contractors and it seems they are very slow to quote. Is it because they wont earn much from this? Can anyone roughly advice how much will the above come to? Thanks in advance
  2. Ya thats the problem, there is false ceiling to hide cables but the ex-owner did not install individual lights, he just attached afew hanging lights. ok thanks, thats what i thought too. But the tricky part is that there is cornice below the false ceiling.. making the ceiling look very low. I plan to remove the cornice and install lights in false ceiling
  3. Hi as the title suggests, my new house has existing false ceiling with cornice on the false ceiling. But problem is ex-owner did not install lights in the false ceilings.... Can i just remove the cornices which are sitting on the FC and just add wiring and lights? Tearing down and re-doing is going to cost alot i think.
  4. Can i check if its possible to strip and re-laminate kitchen cabinets? If yes normall how much does it cost?
  5. Anyone has carpentry contacts? I need to check if i can redo cabinet laminates or change doors.
  6. Hi Mr Chong, I supposed it is not good to have a fish tank facing the main door right? As my picture suggest my intended fish tank faces the main door, it is a two side tank meaning you can see through the tank to see the dining are behind. This is not a good place right?
  7. My resale 5I flat is coming soon, it is already well renovated... I paid more COV for it because of this (Under heavy influence from Mom, haha) but very "uncle" style. I am thinking of doing minor renovations to beautify it.. Do ID entertain such things? Things i plan to do is; - Fabricate either a WIW or change existing wadrobe doors to sliding more modern type - Improve exisitng bar counter - Improve exisiting wall feature cum TV console (Maybe need to tear down and rebuilt cos its really uncle looking) - Laminate all rooms floor - Maybe re-laminate the kitchen cabinet doors and top. (I like those RED kitchens)
  8. Hi, i need help to expect what kind of prices to expect when renovating my house. It is already renovated, i just need some minor touch ups. 1) Remove basin and seal up water pipes (Ex owner built one in storeroom ) 2) Built sliding door to cover storeroom (Ex owner hacked away the wall) 3) Lay Laminate flooring in 3 bedrooms, those wood design) (was quoted $1900 for this) 4) Change existing built in wardrobe door to sliding door type 5) Construct either fake wall or glass wall to block direct view into rooms, should be around 5 - 7 metres long Thanks alot.