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  1. Unpleasant experience with this company. Everything have to push to get things done. Package price is ok but once you add in carpentry work then different story, it will be very expensive. Ask ID to do something, on the phone said ok but nothing done, only get things done when asked again. Ask them to provide me with a draft sketch of the carpentry work but was denied and said see 3d drawings better, but the things is they only give you 2 chances to amend your drawings. So think twice before signing contract with them. Don't be fooled by the appearance.
  2. I have a bad experience at one of the lighting shop in Balestier Road called Luxury bath & lighting pte ltd. Went there to select some lights stuffs for my new home. Serviced by a PRC woman thru out the whole selection. Spent about 1 hour and end up selecting 12 x 12w downlights, 10 x 4ft t5, 3 x 3ft t5, 1x 2ft t5, 18m led strip and the bill come up to $3498.9. My jaws almost dropped. Is this price reasonable? I don't know. I said thank you to the lady boss and walked out.