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  1. The only way is to redo that part and make the dish rack lower.
  2. Thanks for your sharing of very nicely done up house with many good ideas. I have several questions. Did you do false ceiling for your living and kitchen? I don't see any water pipes in your kitchen. Where are they running? Are they hidden by the false ceiling? For the concrete screed walls in kitchen, did they paint sealer or anything over it? You installed System 5 air con? Is your HDB the old 30Amps type or its the newer 40 Amps type or have electrical upgrading done? Which air con is this? Cos I cannot find a system 5 that I'm allowed to install as I'm on the old 30 Amps. Your air con trunking is run very nicely. Can share which company is this? The partition wall for your master room with the laminate. Is that using those partition gypsum board or plywood? Cos don't know gypsum board can put laminate or not. Can you share your cost and ID and lead time for all this? Thank you.
  3. Hi, glad to see someone doing this. Its quite rare and I myself is also planning to go this route. But it's been not easy to find the direct contractors with good workmanship. So far I have found plumber and plasterer/partitionwall/ceiling (pending quote but should be ok). I still need tiler, electrician, etc etc. Mind to share with me all the contractors that you have found to be good and have good workmanship? If not good, then don't need lah. How did you source for all these people? Sometimes i wonder if it is worth it. I got quote from one direct tiler... even more expensive than ID! Xiao! Anyway, I am going this way because budget is very tight and I have to do many things and also I like to control things myself. Was it difficult to coordinate them? Did you go to the unit everyday? How long did your renovation take? Can you share with me the process? Is this your first time reno? I think people doing it this way are quite brave. Hope to hear from you and get some contacts soon.
  4. Never heard of concrete cabinets. You mean the sides are concrete? Cos the doors and drawers would need to be wood right? If you're saying those concrete sides should be allowed because a lot of old HDBs have that, including the house that I bought and I'm gonna hack all of it. My mum made a concrete sink support for the walls of the sides of her sink just 2 years ago. So I'm pretty sure such is allowed. But if you want to make a lot... that i'm not sure whether there is any limitation. Call HDB hotline or your MCST to check. Can you post the photos or link to the concrete cabinets you're referring to? I'm curious to see how they are like.
  5. Depends on the condition of the place and his needs. Which part of the house has the worst condition? Is the function of that room fulfilling his needs or he needs it changed? Basically if there is a part of a house that is not in good condition or is not meeting his needs, he would automatically want to renovate that part first. If he cannot decide which to renovate first, then it means either his house does not need renovation or all the parts require renovation that he can't decide. In the first case, then save the money and don't do renovation. Put it in some safe investment rather than ID's pocket. If all the parts need renovation, then go for the most used area first. And try to win another Toto to renovate the other parts. Lol.
  6. Want to Buy/ Looking for Miele Steam Oven Let me know model, how long used for, condition, price and where to view. If you have stacking kit, I am keen to get it too. Can collect at a later date if you still need it but let me know when I can collect.
  7. Want to Buy/ Looking for Miele Washer/ Washing machine with TwinDos Can be 8 or 9kg but 9kg preferred. Let me know model, how many kg, how long used for, condition, price and where to view. If you have stacking kit, I am keen to get it too. Can collect at a later date if you still need it but let me know when I can collect. Can pay up to $1000 depending on model, condition and age of item. Thanks.
  8. Could you PM me the good carpenter's contact please? Tried to PM you but it says you cannot receive messages.
  9. Selling a New Ariston Andris Lux 30L Storage water heater. Made in Italy. Warranty card unfilled will be given together with invoice. Invoice dated 10 July. Selling because it cannot fit where I wanted to place it. Price is negotiable for a fast deal. WhatsApp/ SMS 91886377. Pls don’t PM here as I seldom check Collect at Hougang or delivery may be possible to arrange.
  10. Can you PM me the list of hackers too please?
  11. Another post said Daikin bad. You say Mitsubishi bad. Then which air con can i get that is 5 ticks?
  12. Another post said Mitsubishi bad. You say Daikin bad. Then which air con can i get that is 5 ticks?
  13. Anyone engaged this carpentry company called Just Love Home Carpentry before? They have a very good price on kitchen package. Found on Carousell. Googled and couldn’t find much information.