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  1. Can anyone help me with the contact for a reputable metalwork company that makes steel balustrades for stairs. I'm looking for something simple modern and industrial in black. Thanks
  2. Can anyone suggest someone in SG that can help us achieve this for some internal windows in our new reno? Even if the windows are bare metal and we prime and paint them ourselves is ok.
  3. Hey peepz Im looking for a cabinet maker/shopfitter that can make a bunch of cabinets and BIR for our EM, however I have specific needs. Im not into laminate or hollow shelving (it looks cheap even tho SG "carpenters" seem to charge premium pricing for it). I need someone that knows how to do PU paint on all surfaces for the cabinetry and veneered doors for the BIR's and can do a good job. I have Haller doing PU fronts for our kitchen but am willing to explore someone else on recommendation. PM me if you know of anyone that can do this. Many thx
  4. We are just about to start our reno and to save some $$$ we'd like to do a lot of it ourselves. What restrictions does HDB place on manpower for renovation once the licensed contractor has approval to start? My wife and I are pretty handy with a sledge and a paintbrush - so are we allowed to do the hacking, timberwork and paintwork to speed up the process and save some $$$?