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  1. Hi, can I check - the "wrong colour" for the fujioh hood - is it "rich silver" ? I'm thinking of getting a dark hood (preferably black) and wanted to know if this is what the rich silver will look like. Appreciate your help if possible. Thank you
  2. Hi. Can I check for your laundry area, possible to share where you bought your "laundry hanger" from?
  3. HI... Can I check whether the windows you use are blue tinted?
  4. Hi All, wondering if anyone has any advice on what colour to choose for the windows? The frame I chose is powder coated, and I'm toying between blue and green. Not sure if blue is too hard to match (the rest of my house will be cream/ yellow/ purple)... or whether green is nice... If you have any photos from the inside of the house, do share! Thank you! =)
  5. hi. possible to share where you got the Sgd 268 deal from?
  6. HI will you be able to share contractor A's contact pls? Thanks.
  7. Hi do you mind sharing the link for the tap you bought from taobao? thank you
  8. Hi possible to share the link for your taobao clocks? Thank you
  9. Hi... possible to share the contact for your window grills?
  10. I'm looking for a reliable contractor with good quality work. Can someone recommend pls? thank you.