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  1. Does anyone have recommendations on where to find nice modern indoor water feature? I am looking for something that is about 1m tall with base diameter approximately 40cm. Budget is below $300. I have been to the stretch of nurseries along Thomson, the shop at Thomson Plaza, Takashimaya, but still unable to find a suitable one that I like and is approved by my geomancer. Thank you!
  2. Thanks Happygreen! I suppose solar film is easier than changing glass panels right? Do you know of any reliable solar film installer?
  3. Hi I'm new to this forum. I just bought a unit and one side of the apt gets some afternoon sun. I was contemplating to change the window panels to darker glass to block out the sun. But I came across solasheeld at the Home Fair at Expo last week and learned that I could install solar film (like those we use on the cars) on the existing windows to block out the sun too. I was quoted an estimate but they will have to take actual measurements to give an exact quote. Im looking for more recommendations to compare and any feedback on installing solar film at home. Thank you!