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  1. Hi All, Have seen many topics resolving the HDB Inspection and on the Windows Declaration. But couldn't find any answers before. I am a Seller, Completion next month very soon. Already received HDB Completion Letter along with the sets of documents required. Then comes the Windows Declaration. By right HDB Inspection will covers the Windows too right? Inspector didn't say anything about the Window back then! So how would i know if mine are alright or are already the stainless steel rivets (for the Casement Windows), have cross checked with HDB Website, BCA Website, BCA Window Day 2020 + Contractor Video, but can't find any proper guide on whether mine are aluminium or already stainless steel rivets? Haven't modify the windows for the longest time, the last time for the Casement Windows was for the HDB Home Upgrading back in 2003, for the "Extra Room" behind Kitchen, it's called the "Standard Plus" package according to the documents i kept, but it simply did not indicate how many windows were upgraded back then. I have total of 3 Casement Windows: 1) Extra New Room 2) Kitchen 3) Bedroom 2 Going over to take photos tomorrow! Appreciate any help on this, Many thanks in advance, Anxious Puzzled Seller 😭