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  1. Hi Takaishi, I'm quite comfortable with the pressure. Of cos, It's not as powerful as in the hotels
  2. Hi ShinChan, Sorry for late reply. I did heard people comments that the water heater will affect the pressure especially the rain shower. If not mistaken Joven (which I'm using) and Alpha are the instant water heater that support rainshower.
  3. Oops... it's been months. Couples of incidents happened before I officially got the keys from contractor. After the last incident of the poor workmanship from the wardrobes, the carpenter told my contractor he wasn't confident to handle my kitchen cabinets and he "forgo" his duty for the kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, within a few weeks my contractor found a replacement carpenter who is just nice available during the peak season. I am happy with the replaced carpenters' kungfu. The husband and wife are very detail person, they filed the edges, smoothen the corners. Water leaking from roof top temporarily solved (I assumed) since HDB did the water proofing again and heavy raining season was over. No more water markings... and the final paint touch up. All these things were wrapped up a week before CNY. Kitchen's cabinets before completion Others view Finally moved in couples of months... not much issues at least from now.
  4. Sigh. More than a month passed. Not much progress from renovation and only got headaches.... 2 lessons learnt over the weekend Lesson 1: Got my Fanco ceiling fan mystery "answered". I purchased this fan together with other kitchen accessories etc from a reputable shop (my contractor brought me there) along Geylang Road. The sale lady recommended me to get a remote control for this Fanco ceiling fan with additional cost of $80. Without 2nd thought, thinking it'll be good with remote control as in any case if the string is break/tear into 2 due to pro-long pulling. it will be a good backup. But after my contractor installed the fan. Problem comes... the fan failed to move when I pull the string. It's can't on manually!! But when I switch on with remote control. It's moved. I asked my contractor, she called and asked that sale lady and the sale her informed her, I have to pay $40, in-order to change the motor for it to on both manually and remotely. What the hack! Pissed off & called Fanco directly, the technician came down and told me. All Fanco fan can only support 1 switch "ON" option. It's either on manually or remotely. Argued with the technician although knew he can't do anything. I can only "LL" accept their technology. Fanco, at least they did managed to change the fan's plates as I told them there's small chipped pcs on 1-2 plates. They changed without additional charges. Lesson learn : NOT all appliance with remote control support manually on. Have to question on the item the sale person who promoted ( esp. extra accessories), they are interested to earn commission rather than provide more details of the products. Lesson 2: My wardrobes were finally installed on last Wednesday, saw the carpenter and he was different guy I had discussed with on the wardrobe. My contractor told me not to worry. He has 10 years of working experience, a skilful carpenter blah blah... and I left since he is still doing his works and I trust my contractor's words. Sat morning can't wait to see my 2 wardrobes since it's finally installed after 2 weeks delays. Instead of excitement, I were totally shocked to see both wardrobes. Took a tape, and taping the defects parts. OMG, if I know this is what I will get. I will rather get an off-selves wardrobe. The 2 wardrobes supposed to have the same internal design, both should have the additional built-in rack for pants. And both turned up 1 with 2 drawers and 1 with 3 drawers and both NO pants racks. The wardrobe is so basic that I can it from those neighbourhood's furniture shop, even the IKEA customize wardrobe is MUCH BETTER and CHEAPER. Can't tahan any longer ... I called my contractor again. A day later, after she discussed with her carpenter and told me the 7 weeks ago discussion of the wardrobes weren't confirmed. So they didn't get the additional racks and they will add in the 1 drawer for the other wardrobe and they will try to change the defect parts. Lesson learn: No matter spend how long on discussion with the carpenter together with the contractor. Die die insist of the confirmed soft-copy layout of the wardrobe , even thought both agreed on the draft layout on that same day & snap shot of the draft copy too. Keep my fingers cross, no more "surprises" from kitchen cabinets. Totally disappointed with the carpentry. Need to stop and cool myself down.
  5. To protect myself what I am doing, is to call the HDB branch office to make reports. If the problem can't be resolve and I have to repaint the walls. I will seek compensation for HDB. It's the same regulations if my lower floor neighbour complain water leaking and damage their furniture, I have to compensate them as well. The only different neighbour will give me more pressure... and HDB can only contact thru' phone dunno if they talk talk got action or not.
  6. It's wet wet week, and there's when the problem surface out. OMG! Water marking on my newly painted wall. Almost fainted when saw the walls with patches of water markings.... and have to call HDB. HDB claimed they did water proofing a month ago and the water leaking could be small cracks from the walls and so leak to my walls. But to me.... could it be their contractors didn't do a good job? Hopefully it will be sunny day for continuous few days as they can only do water proof again on dry day. "Tian Gong " pray U could cooperate. Else won't know when the furniture can be mounted.
  7. Mix feeling when saw the Draft master plan 2013, http://www.ura.gov.sg/MS/DMP2013/draft-master-plan/map.html How come my block or my neighbour blocks are not found in the map Hope I will stay at the same estate for next 10yrs or more
  8. LOL... I have the same thot as u. I almost faint when I saw my contractors were laying it vertically. but lucky, it turn up nice.
  9. That place is nice. Nice place to do sports
  10. The "mini" and odd layout of the common toilet. I got a small toilet bowl, an instant heater for shower, and a oval shape basin(placed out of the washroom). Small toilet bowl (in term of length) Rain drops keep falling on my head... blah blah blah ... Raining shower from Joven Oval shape of basin