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  1. Wow very informative posts. Just to share my experience. I was quoted $360 to replace 4 db box doors and was shocked to find out that rather than replacing, they use the original HDB BTO db box door, laminate it and sell it back to me at that price! Also, I have told my ID many many times that I want to keep the original door & 12 soft close hinges. He conveniently say he forgotten and all the hinges & door are "disposed" off.
  2. Hi, has anyone of you bought Az0ra Curtains before. At Balestier ? I feel like being ripped off. Living & MBR full height night curtain with 2 half height blind roller cost me 2k....
  3. Hi, anyone has experienced with *** at 424 Balestier Rd? I bought a full height night curtain for my 4rm BTO (living room & master bedroom) & 2 blind roller half height for 2 other rooms. Total cost me $2k. Too expensive I think?
  4. I picked a HDB licensed ID. But the ID has many subsidiaries (strictly speaking not subsidiaries but for illustration purpose I will just leave it as that) of similar name. End up my project is taken up by the non-licensed related company which will use the parent license to do the work. So far the progress is gradual and systematic with a worked-out schedule to show what kind of job will start & complete. Just to share my experience, if you are thinking of making a very nice house with all the cove light, overlay, etc. Your id quotation will come out high. This is not the final yet. You have to add on the electrical works plus purchasing other stuffs such as lighting, curtains, toilet fittings, kitchen fittings, furniture & electrical appliances. Budget may overshot. Especially when you use the ID's associate, they will bring you to the designer shop which will cost anything from 100-200% more than the regular stuffs you can find. Quality of the designer stuffs & the ID's commission will factor into the addition cost. The premium you pay is for convenience and deemed rapport between your id with the vendors for the installation of your purchases. For me ID cost 60k Curtains 2k Lightings + kitchen stuffs + toilet stuffs 10k Tv, fridge, washing machine 7k Furniture 10k Total 89k I am broke...
  5. Hi there, any one is using the Qled tv with their sound bar? I hear the Q series tv & the MS6501 sound bar can share the same power source thus reducing amount of wires to the tv console. Is the power cord connecting between the TV & soundbar included? I also would like to know if you have any complains with the no gap wallmount. I mainly choose this QLED over LG OLED due to it having a more attractive appearance (Q8C) with the curve, metallic back and clutter free wiring with the optical one connect box wire. Thanks.
  6. Hi, you can compare to my excel: example like the corrugated protection sheet at all work areas, they charge from $200-$380 and one even give FOC.
  7. Hi Guys, anyone know why IDs love to put down the term "homogeneous tiles" on their quotation with the price range $2.8psf - $3.5psf. Afaik, they have actually glazed porcelain tiles under this price range like what the HDB premium flat opt-in tiles. Homogeneous should be full-body porcelain tiles which mean if chip off a bit will not see a different colour. Glazed are those with a coating on top of the porcelain.
  8. Hi all, I have met 11 IDs. However, 2 did not give me quotes thus I am left with quotes from 9 IDs. Some items can be found in one ID & not the other because they think it is not feasible to implement due to limited space & will not look nice. However, I have input all of the items line by line on an excel as closely as I can to compare the unit price & roughly work out if they overcharge too much. Note that the IDs will mark up some items in their quotes so that they can maintain the profit margin. After all, they need to get paid for their services. The packaged items are pretty much the same between the IDS. If you have seen any ID, you will know the items included give and take. I will not list the actual name of the ID but if you need to know can pm me. Just for fun, I have signed up with one of the IDs inside the list & maybe you can guess which one is it.
  9. Hi fellows, I have met up with the following ID: 1) 9 Creation 2) Designer Guy Group 3) Livinz Synthesis 4) Envihut D8sign 5) Blackjack interior They all feel very professional. However, some of them are HDB registered & some not. Can any experienced members here give some pointers on choosing between licensed & non licensed ID? My renovation do not require hacking of wall. Thank you.
  10. Hi can you pm me the name of the id, I am about to sign a package with an id who is the director of his own firm.