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  1. nightmare... living in it and doing the reno....lol no choice, the bedroom bath room is too small, sacrifice the full basin to a corner to save space for the divided shower area. found this at Hoe Kee, it is hiding in a corner at the showroom
  2. Sketch up is great software to use.... very easy for anyone its the same at doing real drawing using axis XYZ to create the 3 D but instead of using it.... I still preferred faster old school marker pen and paper to draw... yes read up more and see ideas that you can adapt to yr nest.
  3. a sketch of my dinning area... thinking of a casual makan area or chill.... which why i cam out with this
  4. I have a glass sliding door dividing the dinning/ kitchen from the hall.... so the aircon will contain at the hall. notice the ceiling above the dinner area- I have installed the ceiling fan too.
  5. the raise platform for the dinning dividing the hall and wet kitchen. the guys installed the base with reinforcement structure under the platform and finish the top with another layer of 1/2" thick timber
  6. all the kitchen cabinet carcass installed I choose the grey finish for the interior of kitchen drawer and cabinet. u would notice the grey tile that are on the wall- those are my existing wall which i didnt hack. I will over lay spray paint white glass onto the grey wall.
  7. basically the main texture laminate is the wood finish with white gloss laminate for the kitchen doors and drawers and the kitchen top is quartz is star wars....lol... some blink blink
  8. next stop the Kitchen.... my earlier sketch on how the kitchen will look- intend to cut it to half and to have the dinning area raise platform and the other half as wet kitchen.
  9. if you compare to plain painted walll, yes it cost more- need the carpenter to prepare the wall- you cant lay the mirror direct on the bare concrete wall. I will get back to you again on the glass/ mirror contractors.
  10. Next moving on the long wall next to the main door.... instead of keeping it plain painted wall. I use the mirror again to create the feeling of a bigger hall- Same I apply the same smoke tinted mirror. the carpenter was telling me " wah lau.... the wall you have are slanted.... lol , he has to do adjustment in order to get the wall aligned right to receive the mirror wall he has place riaser to fit the void and secure
  11. Once the shoe cabinet storage is I filled it me and by shoes ... on the left is the divider partition from entrance to the hall... offer some privacy the other side are for storing the umbrella The electrical DB to conceal at the top cabinet