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  1. Hi All, hadn't logged in here for quite some time... so apologies for late replies... My ID is Freddy Tan & he can be contacted at 9741 4769 As for the reno damage, we spent slightly less than $30K on all the ID reno.. (excludes lights, electrical and all appliances & furniture) Having stayed at my place for close to 4 mths, guess it's time for me to sum up my review on our ID.. stay tune... will update this weekend! =)
  2. Looking good! Love ur Living room & kitchen alot!
  3. Been a while since I last logged in.. Have quite a few requests on where I got my lights.. so to benefit all, Here's a summary of where I got my lights:- lighting.com.sg (Jalan Besar) Philip Downlights (FBG 304 Nickel C/W Genie 1x14W Warm White) - $33/each Living Room Dining Room Master Bedroom Common Bedroom Philip Downlights (FBG 305 Nickel C/W Genie 2x14W Daylight) - $45/each Study Room Crystal Lighting (Halogen) - $25/each Main Entrance Other Areas: Store Room Light ($10) / Service Yard Light ($50) / Toilet Lights ($50) / Kitchen ($85) - all from lighting.com.sg (Philips) Cove Lights (T5) & Dining Lights : From Perak, Malaysia
  4. the hub & I were equally pleased with the design & end product.. only little glitch is the part where we need to pull cables from the black standing console to the TV & soundbar from inside the feature wall.. thankfully all completed now!
  5. Thanks, Battle... Just keeping my fingers crossed that it stays as nice now in 3 months time.. wahaha!
  6. Thanks ayazumi! Got to give the credit of colour matching to my ID.. He has done a pretty good job convincing my to choose the colour that he has "feel" to.. As its still considered earth tone, I am ok with it.. For curtains & sofa, we bought grey cos we like grey.. hehehe
  7. 19 March 2012 - New Addition to the home Birthday gift from the Hub!
  8. Hi Ayazumi, looking set and all ready to go! Enjoy ur reno process!
  9. 19 March 2012 - My Simple Dining Area With Camera Effects Without Effects
  10. 19 March 2012 - My Completed Living Room Played with some camera effects Without Camera Effects With Only Cove Lights
  11. Hi Punggolfamily, I bought the tap & sink from Hoe Kee (Jalan Besar). Need to check on the invoice for the exact cost.. get back to you soon! UPDATE: Hihi Punggolfamily... The kitchen tap costs $170.00 (excluding GST)
  12. Bought in at $1,499 (excluding delivery charge). The price didn't change at all... We bought it in Aug 2011.. and recently when we went back there to buy our coffee table (same design as dining table) the price is still the same.
  13. Hi biscotti, have just emailed u! =)