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  1. Noise confirm will have but it's not loud. If u r light sleeper, dun put it inside the room. Just put the dehumidifier in other room when u r sleeping.
  2. My electrical bills differ every month. Actually if u can on air con and zzz, the dehumidifier electricity bill should be considered cheap. I on it almost 24hrs. Just put it at different location of the house everyday. I dunno if the dehumidifier can wipe off mould which are already grown on the wall. But it's true that the bugs get lesser. Maybe lesser mould for them to feed on? I bought my dehumidifier from Harvey Norman when they are having $50 discount for the dehumidifier. So it's $499 - $50. Quite a good deal. Can check with HN again and see if the promotion is still on.
  3. Yup. For bet results, close the door and window, switch on dehumidifier only. I always switched it on before going to work. After coming back home, u will realise the air in the room is a bit dry. I think mine is ND290. The lowest in electricity comsumption.
  4. I had bought a novita dehumidifier about $450. At first refuse to buy cos quite ex and what if it dun solve the problem. But wife insist on buying. about 1 month of use, I can say that the bugs is getting much lesser til it's barely noticeable. U just take turns for each room and leave the dehumidifier on and it just solve the problem. Furthermore, if ur house got lots of leather items ie bags, sofa etc, u will realise that the mould really get lesser or no more.
  5. After reading your story, I feel for u. However, there's forever some black sheeps among every profession. Just dunno when u will encounter the black sheeps only. Seems like I will also say the same things as the others Ie: lodge a police report the police will also tell u this is a civil case whereas u have to approach small claims tribunal or get your lawyer to do the necessary actions against the contractor. Since there's a contract signed between u & him, then can consider sue him for breach of agreement and go for compensation. Cheating doesn't stand as he indeed have started the renovation services. Cheating stands if he took your money but in fact, he did not have the intention or means to carry out your renovation at all. Breach of agreement is the correct terms to use. So the police will not get involved for this kind of case. Most important thing now is whatever compensation he had promised u, dun agree or sign anything. if u agreed, then even if u sue him, he can defend and say u had already settled the matter and accepted his compensation to him. Why now still sue for more? U wont be able to claim more form him.
  6. Go to Ho Kee at Plaza Singapura. U can find same design at different size. I bought mine for less than $30. Cheap and durable. Been using it for about 1 year and no problem. Ikea bins I find the mechanism very loose and might break after long usage. Though it's only a bin but at least it's a buy and forget thing.
  7. My 5 room unit comes with a balcony which I tear it down to make the living room look bigger. However, the balcony comes with a pipe near to the window. Hence, during the renovation, my ID recommend me to use box up to cover the pipe so that the pipe will not stick out like a sore thumb. I realised that the bugs come mostly from the box up area as they like to stick to the box up. The rest of my house also got these bugs though not as much as the box up area. They did not bother me much. Only that every few days, i have to use vacuum cleaner to suck all the bugs. Is there a possibility that due to the fact that inside the box up, there is piping ie water n moisture that's y the bugs are attracted?
  8. Ok thanks guys. the air con is still under warranty. So I will call up the air con contractor to settle and clean the air con unit. =)
  9. Try IMM U-Home? I was introduced to the ID by my 2 friends who had their home renovated by U-Home. Price wise reasonable. Some ID company will have low price but subsequently add in prices such as haulage, transportation costs, electrical rewiring costs on top of the contract prices u had signed. All these add on will increase your cost and it might not be stated on the initial quotation.
  10. Hi guys, my panasonic air con was installed about 4 months and now I faced problem whereas my master bedroom air con will give out some kind of smelly odour when I just switched it on. It will only go away about 30mins later. I had tried putting air freshener in my room but didn't help. I call up the contractor who install my air con and also panasonic. Both told me that my house is not well ventilated hence the odour. Panasonic also told me that my air con comes with the ion function so no need to worry that I will be breathing in unpure air. I was thinking for those office with no open window, they also cant ventilate the interior what. My wife and I do not eat inside the master bedroom. The other 2 bedroom air con did not have the odour though. Anyone facing the same problem or have any solutions to my problem? Please help. Thanks.
  11. It's worth it to get their delivery if u r buying bulky items. I even pay them to assemble the items. If I assemble myself would take hours....
  12. Abusive language ie vulgarities can be further pursue when the victim lodge a Magistrate's complaint at subordinates court. U call police first, police arrive, police take down the other party particulars, u take down the report number given by police then go lodge the complaint at sub court. After that pursue all the way, the defendant will have to meet u in court and then fined by court. I did that before. But remember to record down what the other party says. if possible video it down. that way, he got no means to deny it when the police arrive. that fella sure wont admit he use vulgarities wat. Who will admit he do wrong one?
  13. Thanks for the fast replies.... Guess have to try out each and every alternatives and see if it works for me. My wife more kiasu.....she go n buy blue, orange and purple dynamo detergent to try out. hahaha..... Gundamv: if dun soak overnite, won't my sweaty clothes smell more badly since I left it out in the open??
  14. Hi, I just move into my house less than a month and often face problems whereas the clothes which I had washed are smelly. Scenario is like this. I would put my sweaty clothes into pail and fill it up with water and leave it overnight. after that, wash clothes using washing machine plus dynamo liquid detergent. After that hang dry but not direct sunlight cos dun wanna hang outside the kitchen windows. Scared neighbours upstairs will dirty the clothes. So hang it inside the kitchen for 1 day and sometimes 2 days. However, my clothes sometimes will smell. Is it true that when put clothes inside pail with water overnight, add some lemon slices would help to "kill away" the smell? Or is it that I somehow have to get my clothes out in the sunlight to dry properly??? Pls advise as I know nuts about this..... Thanks.
  15. Try this method and it works. my mum ask me to use cooking oil and put a bit on the tissue paper. simply wipe on the stains and rub a bit and it's gone. lol.....