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  1. Hi all, where can i find the above.. am using back this hob, but previously used with cylinder gas. Now im converting to City Gas, need to find the adapters. Anyone got contact... Thks in advance.
  2. Wah... got any contact for specialist? there is a lot.. not only few pieces ..
  3. I m having the shiny finish type. The stain is like blur... cant be remove using a scraper. Tried white vinegar too... oso cannot wor... Mama lemon oso cant.... HELP!!! Anyone got this experience? Regards
  4. Hi all, need some advise on homogeneous tiles cleaning. What is the proper way to clean? After renovation i saw stains on the tile surface. ITs kinda blur.. im not sure wat is it. How to remove it? I try to use Jif but cant. now there is some visible micro scratch. Can it be polished? Tks in advance.
  5. Hi can you PM me the contact for carpenter ? regards
  6. the recommended price for Sensa 4 is RM559 while Sensa 5 is RM665:)
  7. Hi Forcesguy or those who have got a quote from Aaron, Can i get a quote for 4MKS80ESG + FTKS25 x 3 + FTKS60 4MKS80ESG + FTKS25 x 3 + FTKS71 Diakin Sys4.. My email at wrecker51@hotmail.com Regards
  8. hmm.. i will be exploring JB for this... Wanna join me.. hehe...LOL
  9. Oh tks... did u install one for yr home too? hehe Where did u get it?
  10. Hi im a newbie here.. Anyone bought KDK ceiling fan in JB? Price is 40% cheaper den retail price in SG. Need some advise... Tks in advance..