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  1. Can try wrought aluminum by jacky at IMM. Cheap, efficient and good!
  2. YES!!! Very good service. Get jacky. You tell him toh tuck owners very grateful to him! Very nice guy! and chin chai. haha work is good too! Happy customer is it the one at IMM? just to be doubly sure.
  3. My electrician is quite experienced. he is a little expensive, but patient. We swoped a few points around due to certain circumstances, and he didnt charge us extra. I think the price depends on if u are staying in a condo/hdb. Let me know if u need his contact.
  4. AGREE!!! which is what we're doing now.. u have a lot of headache as we are not professionals. better get a main con to do the co-ordination. Otherwise, every tiny little thing u need to be there. for e.g. false ceiling (x 2 quotes), plumbing (x2 quotes), electrical, carpentry, wet works. And on top of that design. So you end up wasting a lot of precious wkends that u could have been doing something else... Just get a trustworthy guy that u can go to for anything! much easier. my 2 cents worth..
  5. I dunno if he got another shop. But as far as I know his shop is already closed!! By the way, case does nothing... Baliestier, one of the firms, had one case on newspaper that the contractor cheated the owner of $85000!!! And his house in in rumbles...
  6. Can I have your carpenter's contact?

  7. May I recommend hongtar. Responsible, really great help from them. Still in the renovation process, but their services has been excellent till now. Big thanks to Katherine and her team of air con installation guys. My condo MO super ngiao type, say the conceal piping hack the collumn, so they redo without charging. Multiple trips down and they still ok.
  8. Can I please have your painter and plumber's contact? Thank you.

  9. Bestlink Electrical Enterprise Electrical CONCEAL works in PVC pipes & flexibles: Exclude make good of wall surface due to electrical works. Description Qty Unit Sub-Total 1 Lighting point 74 $60.00 $4,440.00 2 13A X 1 SSO 10 $90.00 $900.00 3 13A X 2 SSO 13 $95.00 $1,235.00 4 SCV point 5 $150.00 $750.00 5 32A Isolator point for air con 2 $320.00 $640.00 6 Install lights 73 $8.00 $584.00 7 2 way switch control 1 $90.00 $90.00 8 20A Heater point for water heater 2 $180.00 $360.00 9 20A Heater point for microwave & oven 1 $180.00 $180.00 10 20A Heater point for hood & hob 1 $180.00 $180.00 11 To relocate existing incoming cables for Distribution Board 1 $300.00 $300.00 12 Single Phase 63A Distribution Board c/w 3 ELCBs & MCBs 1 $800.00 $800.00 TOTAL $10,459.00 Payment terms: 40% First payment upon confirmation 40% Second payment on wiring lay completed 20% final payment on all electrical works done ( 30 Days Credit ) Note: Any additional works done will be charged accordingly. Prices quoted applied to work carried out on Monday to Saturday ( 9AM to 6PM ) Quotation applied valid for 2 weeks start as above dated only. No provision of all submission, PE endorsement and application to any authority and/private sectors. We shall not liable to the above charges incurred if any. Bestlink Electrical Enterprise Bloody ripped off. Didn't even think I had 73 lights!
  10. Been advised by lawyers to remove the post. If I need to sue him, don need more evidence against me. Sorry, will tell u all more when everything is settled.
  11. He didn't come yesterday. At first say 7pm. Then I called at 715pm, he told me he can only come at 8/830pm. Waited til 9pm. Called him. He said he is in a meeting with all the sub cons to discuss the price and timings they can come to do our house. Excuses, then he say can we meet on Sunday at 3pm. I just called him. He off his phone. I already scold him so bad already. Use all the bad words, then he say cannot scold him like that. He cannot work if we continue to scold him.
  12. Thanks dude. Encouraging comment. Poor doesn't mean powerless! I will check out small claims. Wouldnt sign anything with him tmr. Going to meet him tmr to negotiate.
  13. Progression as in what has been done to the house? Or what the terms that he has given us? Oh yar I forgot to add that I told the I'd that I wasn't gonna give him any more money. I will give the workers directly. He said "NO, you got me wrong, I am I'll the one coordinating everything." but I told him, "I don't trust you anymore." then he said he will get a co ordinator. Like a middle man. And the guy he suggested is the electrician!!!! Sighs. I feel like they are all in this to bluff me more. Then he say, come on, I am trying to move things so you all can shift in. Then I have enough of him. I said let me think first. He will meet me tmr at 6pm, with the new terms. Don't worry guys, I wuldnt sign anything this time, it has dragged so long, so no difference waiting 2/3 more days to let me think it through.
  14. I am 27yo. I earn my money the hard way. Every cent got blood and sweat. But old doesnt mean wise. Old ppl also get cheated. And my education sadly didn't teach me to pick out the rotten apples from the good ones.. I just feel sad that there are such ppl around.
  15. Thanks thanks. Really happy still got righteous ppl around! You wouldn't believe got such ppl until u meet one. Bad luck...