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  1. Not at tis moment but i think soonet or later it will...will juz have to clean it...hahaha....
  2. No FS related, we tot this will be easy to maintain coz leaving it white will soon become dirty and require painting in long run...
  3. Hi piknik, Thanks for the encouragement... Abt the stove, well i actually dun hv much choice coz i wanted to have a dry and wet concept due to heavy cooking by my mum in law. And wet area is small with only 2 area to choose so not much of a choice.
  4. Stairs Guest Toilets at level 1
  5. More pics for sharing.... TV Feature wall with HTS...noticed there're 2 hole on top. Well...the guys drill the wrng hole...i nearly fainted... now waiting fr ID to provide new design to cover up the hole...if not i will asked them to redo the whole solid top This is yet another hippcups My messy Kitchen...was so grateful to the carpenter for making us a temporary kitchen sink...this allows us to have our steamboat reunion dinner
  6. The above pics was taken before we shifted in...I will share on the photos which are more nicely done up later. Some major hippcups of our reno. 1. Granite condition was really bad. 50% of the black galaxy tiles were not shining, it was very matt finishing and blurr. My hubby was really upset over this as our main purposes of chooisig granite is bcoz we luv the shinning surface which give a classy look. ID proposed for compensation of 5K + polishing of whole house. Let's hope this will helps. 2. Kitchen layout need to change. The initial wet area where we wanted to place the stove need to be change as the carpenter advise that the current place is not enough & ideal for the stove area. so stove has to be placed beside kitchen windown and on top of the rubbish bin. I know based on FS, this is defintely not a good spot for stove but we have no choice Above 2 incidents already my me boiled! Well...still we need to move on... We had a meeting with our ID & the carpenter on Mon and finally settle on the kitchen layout and hence reno gona start this week. Today, the guys are here to do the touch up & polish the granite. I was thinking I can stay away from all this and leave it to my hubby while I go to work but unfortunately I falle sick haiz...ended at home taking medicine and yet cannot rest as it's too noisy
  7. Finally, we've shifted in but just as we were abt to settle down, kitchen reno, touch up started.... Here's some pic which I was supposed t upload earlier...will continue to share more photos with all. Living Room TV Console Study desk at my boy room MBR Headboard...half done... View from stairs Living Room...
  8. Hi, My quote is ard 110K and ID firm is S K Y C R E A T I O N. I will PM you my ID contact.
  9. All my electical appliances (including this fan) are purchased fr Kang Tai Electrical Store at Jurong West. I can PM you the contact if you need. It's cheaper to buy from here as compared to big store but of coz no extended warranty & only accept cash/nets payment. This fan cost $320.
  10. Hi Wilenez, I've pm'ed you the ctc
  11. Went up to see the progress last nite and took some more pics to share. Some progress of the TV Feature Wall...Finally the solid surface is up... Hidden Cable at storage room behind the tv feature wall.
  12. Hi Potatoes, Thanks for appreciating the design Yes, the flooring is parquet fr ex-owner. This is the only area that we remain as the parquet is still in good condition and ID say no need to waste $$$ changing. The cost fo the glass panel cost $5.8K, this is not completed yet as there will be wood at the railing handle area a we felt that it's safer for kids & elderly this way.