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  1. Does anyone know where to buy the following item? (see attached photos) Any help greatly appreciated. TIA!
  2. Hi Aron, Sorry to use your thread as i needed professional help. 1 mth plus ago i installed Mitsubishi starmex inverter sys 3. For MBR i set the airflow direction vane to swing everynight. Until 2 days ago it create an abnormal sound like "paper shredding" whenever it swing to a certain lvl. The other 2 rms which i on once a wk dun hv this sound occurs during swing mode. Based on ur experiences, do u know what's the issue? Can it be easily solved? Greatly appreciate ur advises. P/S : had very much wanted to use ur Aircon installation service but alas got to use GC to change to another brand in order to get a refund for the Pana set. Hope next time got chance. Btw for new Aircon what is the time range to service clean?
  3. Yah forget to tell u, for those cracked tiles n area around it, u may like to stick it with masking tapes to prevent any possibilities of droppings that could cause injury. It is what my contractor does b4 the repair job done. Hope it helps.
  4. Hi All! Finally my concerns had been resolved & am happily using the fridge. Thanks to all who had stood by me, taking your time to listen to my woes & complaints, and by giving me very good advises + suggestions so that i can hv a more positive mind to solve the issue. Once again, thanks a zillion to all! *muaks muaks*
  5. Not sure if RADAC provide such services, maybe u can give them a call to check?
  6. Yes u r right tuasbird. I shd take it easy not adding more woes to existing issue. The GC main showroom only display the smaller set model MR-E52S in floral colour. So my set was delivered directly fm Mitsubishi cargo warehouse so they say cfm new set lor. Any display set will be send directly fm store. Actually i would like to adopt neubie's opinion to let it go instead of sorrowing myself n be more unhappy abt it n make my life miserable of a minor defect. So y not just think it in a positive mind to enjoy the functionality of the fridge. Just as what my hubby said when purchase a new car, although it is new but b4 hand over to client, in fact the car already driven by someone to test drive the safety & detect if got any issue.
  7. Hi Phintastic, Tks for ur informations. Yes i remember seeing a display set at HN, diff brand & model. And the salesman point to me a dent at the side of the fridge. He also mention for display set they will point out all the defects to customer B4 purchase & if customer agreed then buy. For my set other than the scratch on top & a very very small dot in the versa compartment, the rest of the body ok no visible dent or scratch. So is it still possible that they send a display set? But the salesman keep assuring me it is new set as big co. no need to do that & tarnish their own reputation when truth are out. It is as good as cheating case.
  8. It could be workmanship. Why not call ur contractor to hv a look first n see what his advises? It seem quite serious fm ur photos My MBR toilet wall also crack, is near to the tiles end side. As i do not hv door frame install on my entrance to the toilet, only with a design wardrobe door to cover the toilet entrance. So i asked my contractor to take a look and surprised that he FOC & installed a timber door frame to cover the crack n support the tiles. It was like abt 6 yrs since renovation, and he still so responsible. For ur case i think more hassles, most likely need to demolish the crack tiles & replace new ones.
  9. Hi tuasbird, Thanks for sending me the website. I hated arguments, most of the time i try to talk nicely as don't want to make the situation more awkward. So i think by changing just that door shd be alright and while watching them change the procedure quite fast and easy. The technician use a philip screw to take out the top clip panel & d/c the sensor control panel & just jack out the whole door. He did it slowly n carefully. Ok for the brand of the fridge is Mitsubishi Electric Folio MR-E62S. The fridge was delivered directly fm Mitsubishi warehouse. Bought it fm Gain City as their price not consider lowest $3850 with total 4 yrs warranty. I check with HN their price $3796 but warranty 1 yr. Both say the price quoted is brand new set not display. Actually prior to that i did check with GAB & Everjoint their price even lower by another $300 plus. Told the Mitsubishi salesman Andy & he told me be carefully not sure new or display set they send me. And most of the times both shops might hv no stocks. He said buy fm big company sure got stock n confirm new set. I really dunno how true is it, see my case, new set got scratch. And now i even find a very small dot hollow on the bottom versa compartment which i did not notice that day coz it is at the bottom so not very visible. Not sure is i or gain city unlucky, everytime buy fm them sure got problems. The 1st time is Aircon but they did settle for us as per our request to change to another brand, so regain some confidence in them. The replacement door is not consider scratch. It is consider a hollow medium dot on surface, 2 dots in total. The technician tell me that i very kind & willing to accept change of door only, he said some customers will ask for full replacement. But what i think if change door and it is brand new + no defects then dun need go thru hassle trouble, that's why agreed to it. How will know their service so irresponsible, anyhow send a door w/o checking properly. Btw how to know that electrical items purchased are brand new set instead of display. For big company is it sure that they won't send us display although what we purchased is brand new?
  10. Hi Phintastic, Do u think possible? B'cos they will said i already using the fridge so cannot full replacement. The salesman even asked me not to change the door & just accept that minor flaw?
  11. Hi All, Disappointed again! After dismantle the door & install the replacement door, realize that the door got more scratch. So got to reject again. Sigh they say will come again tmw with another door. Now i am thinking that just accept the original n live with it. Or shd i give them another chance again. Or ask for full refund? Really headaches!
  12. Hi Rootz, My Goldstar (now known as LG) fridge ard 14 yrs also got same problem, water will leak out fm the inner fridge but dunno fm which part. Then it will leak fm the vegetable compartment onto our flooring everyday. Beside that, it will generate loud & abnormal sound, super noisy. Since the fridge so old liao, repair not worth so bought a new fridge instead. For ur case, if there is no abnormal sound, guess it could be the door rubber paddings loose or spoilt hence condensing? Why not call up the service center to check with them?
  13. Hi Thanks for ur comforting advises & it is really kind of u, can understand how i feel. Actually my hubby said that the scratch quite minor and if dun keep looking at it won't notice lar. But even after his assurance, i still can't help feeling uncomfortable abt it for the past few days. Maybe it is my dream fridge since 6 yrs ago and finally can buy it so expectation set higher so cannot tahan the defects. They are coming right now to fix the new door, now can only keep my finger crossed and everything turn out smoothly and no further headaches. As for the fridge magnet, pls fwd the website to me when u found it, of course no hurry, u can take ur time.
  14. Hi tuasbird, No leh, of coz won't laugh at u as i totally agreed that prevention first rather than regret. Actually i always take my own initiative to put protection first like for example installing aircon i lay a lot of carton boxes on my laminate floorings etc. I hv bought soft table cloth n bubble wrappings n later ask the technicians if they want to use, or maybe as what u suggest shrink wrapped the fridge which i think very good idea. Till now i still quite worry n thinking if i just accept put magnet to cover then letting them change just the door. If lagi unlucky again, they scratch other areas, die liao. I hope their technicians will be gentler & more carefully during the whole procedure. As for videoing, not sure ok or not, will the technicians feel uncomfortable? Maybe i just gentle reminder them to be more careful can liao?