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  1. hello 23hellos.... yes i did overlay the floor for the living/dining area...
  2. hey... tts wat use for my bedside table too... using the square one for coffee table... and i tink we have the same dining chairs... good taste!!
  3. great, thanks.. i found the website.. u can chk out tis site for inspiration.. they sell from australia and its mainly wallpaper but its really cool designs.. http://www.wallpaperdecor.com.au/products/.../wallpaper.html
  4. hey your kids photo decals are really cool... very nice touch.. mind if i ask where did u get it done? and ur place is really nice.. well done! Happy Holidays!!
  5. wow.. i like ur seaview... me pasir ris too... only view i hv is the next blocks... cant wait to seee the rest of the pics...
  6. hey hey Devil kor kor!! of course i still remember u! how are u man? u really MIA very long leh... ya the star wars.. still got many more boxes to unpack.. n his gym set jz got installed.. no time to take pics yet tho... my place is still decor-in-progress mode...
  7. i was scrolling to the top to find out how much it cost when i saw tis posting of the comment by the window guy.. so cute... anyways, i was jz wondering how much debris its gonna be cos thinking of changing the windows of my study next to the balcony area. nothing wrong wif the windows but it jz looks kinda ugly. the rest of my windows cant really c cos my blinds covers them but the ones at the study(which is now my hubby's gym room) dun hv cos next to the balcony. anyhoot, looking fwd to seeing the pics...
  8. hey hey is there a lot of patchwork needed where they removed n installed?
  9. hi patsy, jz call up nippon or dulux to get the code for the pure white color paint. they dun print it on the catalogues cos the color wont show cos the paper is white.. i had my bedroom repainted pure white recently using nippon odor-less premium all-in-one cos had to repair some cracks on the wall.. all my other walls used matex during the reno cos hubby didnt really care abt paint so didnt bother to specify but since we had moved it n needed the bedroom repainted, wanted to get something not (so) poisonous to breath in when we slp at nite.. neOmesis, agree with ur ID - dun spoil his work... ur place looking really good!
  10. no prob.. tink it looks abt the same as the one u are looking for. got the link for u - OM bench the progress in ur place is looking gd... ya it includes kitchen cabinet n top, tv console, study table and WIW. i dun hv a master bedroom cabinet. its actually inclusive of everything done in my house except for the display cabinet n floor laminates (and of course not the furniture..) to me, i tink if its jz slightly more, its ok but the main thing would be a peace of mind for the coordination n reno to go smoothly and be handed over more or less ard the stipulated HO date. plus responsiveness of the ID after the HO when u find more things to be rectified. so far my ID has been very responsible when we need her to send over her ppl to do rectification n stuff. but maybe u cud post ur quotation for the rest of the experienced ppl in RT to give some advice on?
  11. ya they hv pretty gd stuff... i saw a steel bench (shud be stainless) from OM at liang court.. u can take a look n compare.. their svc is pretty gd cos i got my dining table from them n they were quite responsive when i had it returned twice..
  12. thanks tink i got them for $110 each from lushlush..
  13. haha... thanks guys.. will post photos of it once hubby's finishes his unpacking..
  14. thanks kenlim, u a star wars's fan too? display cabinet cost about $6100, includes electrical work & lighting... its 22ft long, cant remember the depth (n cant find my measuring tape ). still a lot to unpack but here's a preview...