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  1. Saw my house featured on Lookbox Annual 2017 issue. 😁 My ID Roy setup his own company liao 😄
  2. Hi, thanks for liking my house. My ID: Roy Chong Contact no. 9062 4988 Happy Reno.
  3. Roy Chong! My first and current house also done by him! Very nice person! All the best to your new house reno!
  4. Haha... Ya times fly, my house has been 3 years old...
  5. Apologise for not reply to some members question and request. My ID is Roy Chong, contact 9062 4988 You can contact him for any id and renovation related question. He is very helpful guy. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have forwarded the quote to you. Hope it's help.
  7. Hi, sorry for late reply. It's been long time not visit RT. The glossy laminate still like new. The matte laminate need to clean more frequent, all my cabinets still white after 3 years.
  8. Hi! I love your white kitchen! Can you pls share with me which white laminate you used exactly?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

  9. Hi Ynwa88,

    Hopefully you will still come back to RT :(

    Do you mind sharing your reno quote and ID with me too?

    My email is eucholsoh@hotmail.com




  10. Hi Ynwa,

    Ur house is nicely done up, I give 2 thumbs up...

    Is it possible to share ur id n the soft copy quotation?

    Think ur mailbox is full, Im unable to pm u.



  11. Hi. Saw your blog, and was very impressed with your design. Could you let me know who is your ID? Thanks. Email me at alvinong966@gmail.com

  12. Hi I saw the photos of your renovated house, it's beautiful and I like to engage your ID for my 3 room flat, can you disclose to me your ID and is your ID reasonable in the price? Hope to have a house like yours. Would appreciate your reply.

    my email muimuitan@hotmail.com