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  1. Hi there, it sounds similar to our house here. I'm sure Roy could help you with that.. Anyway just PM you his contact ya. Cheers!
  2. Hi there, Thanks for your compliments, but this should all goes to our ID, Roy Chong. Anyway just PM-ed you the information ya. Cheers!
  3. Hi there, Definitely it is a good time to have major renovation after staying for 20 years, then will make you feel like staying in a new house again. I'm glad that you like the design of our house as well. I do not have the experience staying inside while renovation is on, so couldn't help you much on that. Maybe others with such experience could advise? By imagining it, the whole house will be very dusty and dirty with the hacking and etc, since you mentioned overhaul. Besides, they will also put the renovation materials like cement, sand, etc. inside the house. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  4. Hi all, Again, sorry for my late response. I've PM all of you. Cheers!!
  5. Hi cog and MSWU222, So paiseh that I've not login here for ages. By the way, I've just sent you the quote. Hopefully it wasn't too late ya Cheers!
  6. Hi there, Thanks. Anyway I've just emailed you and sorry for the late response Cheers!
  7. Hi there, Sorry for my late response and I'm glad that my posts were helpful. I've just emailed you the reno's details and let me know if you need any further info. Cheers!!
  8. Hi, Just PMed you bout the blind. For the shower system, generally not much problem. Unfortunately the mixer we bought was with temperature controlled in cold weather I guess. In other words, the water is still hot even put to coolest. I think it is better to look carefully on the description before purchase ba. Cheers!
  9. Hi there, thanks!! Anyway I've just email you the quote. Cheers!