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  1. well .. just this just boils down to whether you prefer to have cash on hand versus cash when you are 55yrs old unless you are just keep the cash in bank or fixed deposits instead of investing .. maybe still works out better to use cpf instead to each their own .. just make sure you do your numbers properly first ..
  2. Hi Anyone know any cleaning companies that provides such services? Thanks in advance
  3. thanks zanntan for clarifing .. apologies for being unclear cos you may end up spending tens of thousand to renovate the place but SERS would just relocate you and you would have to spend another sum on renovations again
  4. Older flats tend to be bigger in size compared to new ones .. am staying in a 25 year old flat now .. have to admit that flat may be old .. but definitely a bigger space compared to friends with new flats concern is more on en-bloc issues since you would be forking out quite a sum for renovations etc
  5. with the new policy have the seller having to submit details on where they would be moving after the sale .. maybe can propose for hdb to be enpowered to change the addresses on the NRIC during the 2nd appointment .. will solve a lot of unnecessary problems ..
  6. you can check again with hdb but think since hle is still valid .. it would technically be enforceable since it was accessed based on that point in time when you applied for it .. same reasoning if you apply now and your company give you and your spouse a raise? appealing for hle with income >$8k is case by case .. so unless you need to have a bigger loan amount .. why are you trying to get another hle? my 2 cents
  7. do take note also that when you are applying for the hdb loan, you will be getting a lesser amount since it is only declared that you are the sole breadwinner.
  8. Hi Valuehunter Yes, you are able to appeal from hdb to submit the rom cert at a later date since you are able to provide proof. Not sure why it is listed in the hdb rules but have a few friends who managed to do so
  9. very nice .. congrats on the completion .. finally all the waiting is over ..
  10. you considered shifting the tv to the walls near BR2 and dining table against the walls of the toilets? .. jus an idea ..
  11. Hey Velv You can try talking things wih the seller and the HDB officier during the 1st appt and see what is the earliest date that can be fixed. If not, you can consider to 'take over' the keys earlier from the seller and start your reno first. By the time for the 2nd appt, may be just nice you can properly take over the keys and move in already
  12. Congrats and welcome to RT! Nice layout .. am sure there are plently of ideas for you to play with .. Have fun
  13. the units are everton park are pretty old, but with duxton nearby, maybe you would benefit from some of the amenities that would come up soon .. did noticed that the windows along the corridoors are pretty low as well .. so really depends if you can make do with this ...
  14. Hey all .. having problems uploading pics onto my pc .. think phone having some problem .. Anyway .. as an update .. all the floors (except the living room which is in marble) and cabinets have been hacked up .. sand and tiles are all up so laying would start soon .. The guys are now building back up my storeroom and the wall between the master and bedroom
  15. Hey .. have been pretty busy so missed updating the progress .. manged to find a contractor already so am now in the midst of hacking and all .. will try to post some pics soon ..