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  1. to be honest, I'm interested in slots more than in that casino in general
  2. Hey what do you mean by the word complex a couple of bars with horizontal bars and a Swedish wall for climbing ? I think there's something like that in almost every neighborhood or Park of course I would like something more interesting such as workout complex with different training devices. Yes it's my dream but it's expensive enough for my city. I'm not talking about a big sports complex this is beyond reality))
  3. Hi, I do not advise you to use such products from the Internet, because you do not know the composition and what the consequences may be. My sister wanted longer and more fluffy hair and therefore ordered a special cream from the Chinese online store for 55 bucks. After a month of use, she there was a place without hair on the head and the skin was completely visible there. She cried every day and asked her to help, but the doctors didn’t know what to do, because nothing helped her. Then, we decided to take extreme measures and have an operation. I wanted to start reading people’s reviews and I found out at thehairlossadvisor.com, that the best transplant operations are done in Turkey, because there are very high standards and excellent surgeons. Now my sister is undergoing rehabilitation and recovering, but these were the most difficult 6 months in our life. So think a thousand times before applying something to your skin or hair.
  4. I used dating apps for Christians for a while. Meetville was its name (https://datingappsadvice.com/meetville-dating-app-review.app). Do you know why they are great? Because you can **** their women hard. Literally. Make them cry, make them hate you, that's what I loved about dating Christian women. "Date" - they were not even dates, it was just meet and **** hard. This was a source of pleasure for me. I was telling them: "Let Satan **** the angel inside you, let him get inside you, feel him". I was getting every sign of Christianity from them in our 2 hours of hard ****. But then I got bored, I married a wonderful Pagan women.
  5. There are some of them but we don't have the chance to see them often. I see Japonese students near universities, most of them come to Europe to study. But for finding a single Japonese women in Europe the chances are low. It will be better to go to Japan and get one from there.
  6. Hi, this is Charles Ng . i am a s/w engineer in DSP and wireless software. i use EFM chip such as EMF32ZG ,EFM 32HG for a year and developed a few solution for customer . i received EZR32HG EV kit and sample in a month ago and started the project immediately. up to now , i almost get it done except some fine tune in EZR RF register. it is hard to explain detail in this forum , i want to talk to a guy who is familiar with the setting EZR32HG chip. For current performance of my solution, +10dBm output , toll quality voice , 60Kbps @ 300M+ 20kpbs @500M+ 10kpbs @600M+ (not stable ) it is clear to see the 10Kbps and 20Kbps should have more distance . thanks for help .
  7. Well, having a cash-flow is very good for any business, if you can invest it properly, resulting in more production or sales, but you should evaluate first if the outcome will be positive, because on such terms it seems like not that good of a deal. 10% fee is ok, but 5% from daily revenue can be a lot, so I'm not sure about this one. There are ways to get yourself a loan with better terms, like using services of Credit-10 SAR that provide the list of the loan companies. To be honest, I took a loan last year from a company that was listed on that site and managed to negotiate very good terms on it. It doesn't take much, all you need is to prove you financial stability and having a good credit score. In most cases, this will get you better terms than your current ones.
  8. Hello dude, I tried to use robotic vacuum cleaners, but they are very uncomfortable and inaccessible in many places. For example, the robot is very wide and cannot go into different bottlenecks for cleaning, or how can I use the robot vacuum cleaner on the windows, it will fall in this position. At first I thought that I would clean the windows myself, but then I began to worry that I could fall and decided to call the guys from one of the best professional windows cleaning in England. They did everything very quickly and I was very pleased. There was not a single divorce after their cleaning, and I am very happy because I'm a real perfectionist. So if anyone needs it, follow the link.
  9. I tried this robot on cleaning цindows and the robot is very bad cleans. It is easier to call the window cleaning service.
  10. Hi, friends, I have a difficult choice... I play casino games and it brings me some kind of income (stable income). I've already earned more that my monthly salary for 9 weeks, so, should I continue it or concentrate on work?
  11. Hey, I don't know if you found the answer to your question, but I could suggest you try ianboer.com.au dishwashers, they have a big assortment, and they are doing way better work than others. I took from them the dishwasher and dryer. If you are undecided their consultant can give you any advice you will ask.
  12. Hey, I have more big moles on my face. What is the best way to remove it?
  13. Didn't see anything about pets here. Tell me about unusual pets that you have or you know. Maybe someone will get inspired