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  1. Your situation is very familiar to me, I also lost some of my hard erection after I gained weight, I think this could be the problem. Coupled with the insecurities caused by your body, it can really mess with your sex life. Try to practice some sports, it will get your testosterone level up and it should help with the blood flow. If you can't do it, really try Viagra, I tried it and it does wonders. Be careful with the dosage, if you have an erection but it is not strong enough, don't drink a full pill, try a quarter or a half. The cost kinda stings though, so to get a better prices, try to get discounted generic Viagra, as this way you can get a really good price. Also, to be sure, check a doctor with this, it may be caused by some treatable illness, so to be sure, check yourself.
  2. We didn't need the money but we took it anyways as I know from past experiences that it's better to take the offer and build a relationship when you don't need it rather than coming with your mouth and hands open and getting denied when your desperate and really need it. Terms: $20,000 advance 10% fee or $2,000 Stripe takes 5% of your daily revenue until the loan is paid back with the fee Comparable bank loans for a $20K unsecured line would have been anywhere from 7% - %29%. We've been in business for just over 2 years so that had something to do with it I'm sure.
  3. Hello everyone. I would like to ask you if you use surge protectors, and, by the way, could you list me some models that really protect from electric surges?
  4. Hey there, there are some ways to remove the moles, you can freeze them or burn(it is very painful), personally I use ointments, my doctor told me about ointments that can remove then in just few weeks, there is no pain, and it is cheaper and you remove them for a long time term. If you want to know what I am talking about try https://www.wartremover.net/wartrol/ and here you'll find the ointment I am using, also there is written all the pros and cons of using them.
  5. dude, you have to buy insurance of any kind whatever it be - health, car, condo insurance, because sometimes happen real coincidences like accidents that you can't predict. For example, I didn't want to insure my car until my friend with 20 years driving experience got into a grave accident where he broke breast, and a lot of bones. However, his insurance company https://www.total-insurance.co.uk/taxi-insurance/private-hire-taxi-insurance/ paid him compensations that were enough to recover and to pay for recovery procedures... So I decided that insurance of any kind we must have in order to prevent expenses on such accidents
  6. Where are the pics?
  7. Jewish people made millions by taking credits
  8. I have worms in the aquarium. Saltwater worms that are fish friendly. I think they are very unusual since I didn't see them anywhere else in town. Bought them from an online store because couldn't find anything similar in pet stores. I like them as much as I like the fish. Very colorful little beasts. If someone's interested about aquarium worms, there's more on https://arcreef.com/bristle-worms/bristle-worms-fireworms/ .