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  1. Hello! I would like to ask you about a seo tool that would help me (as a seo specialist) to improve the quality of website research. I've been using google analytics before but I would like to try something more modern and useful
  2. I would like to ask you if anyone plays league of legends. What level do you have there? :)
  3. Hi! Need advice/help/just anything... Something goes wrong in our house as the lights flash very often. Whom to call? What company to use?
  4. I can't believe some women still are smoking while pregnant... What do you think about this?
  5. Guide tips hints strategies However, guys, does anyone in general knows about this game and what's your experience playing there?
  6. My man, I am a newbie as well, and I am still learning how to use terminal on MacOS, As I know you can use simple command 'Open.' in terminal and it will open Finder, or you can use other commands to navigate through the Mac using terminal so you will not need finder, I found this Information here https://osxtips.net/open-finder-from-terminal/ but there are much more information that could be usefull for you and everybody who use MacOS. There can be much more useful tips and commands for terminal that can help you become more friendly with MacOS.
  7. Hello everyone! I would like to ask you if anyone of you tried ethereum casino. What sites provide such possibility to play ethereum casino games?
  8. As stated in the previous post about having regular video conference chat sessions.. I have created this simple survey , taking into consideration the busy schedule of members. Please participate in survey and let's have great discussion on video chats ahead...
  9. wow, thank you for information, I would like to use the services you mentioned as I need gold in World of Warcraft. In fact, it's really difficult to develop the character without any donate...
  10. Isn't the binary option the same as CFD trading? Isn't this just another way of calling it? I'm trading CFDs with the Investous broker. Have you heard of it? I think you did, it is reputable in the CFD trading industry. I speculate on where the price will go from the moment I enter the market, just as you described the binary option. Yes, it's more risk involved, I agree, but it's a direct dependency between the price and the risk, as soon as one of them increases - the other one does that also.
  11. Hey All, Just a quick question, if I was to place a bet on say paddypower online for a football match whilst in Thailand, is that illegal? What is the deal regarding online betting here? I know no one will know anyway but just something I was wondering, obviously hull city vs liverpool today and I was thinking of putting a few quid down. Cheers
  12. Well, well, well... What do we have here? You again. I remember the time I had your loan, when I bought a car. The rate was too **** high. Next time, try to reduce it, so you won't have any unhappy customers. I just had another loan from Expert Payday Loans and it was 2% lower! 2%! Now I don't need to give up tons of money and suffer from it. I bought a new house and I'm just happy about it. And one more thing - tell your operators, that they need to speak with customers, not just hand up every time you try to say something. At the other point... It was 2 years ago. Maybe now you have a better condition and service? I really don't know.
  13. Hey man I can advise a proven company https://www.socool.sg/ services which I use myself for a long time and I don't see any reason not to recommend them to anyone, all my friends have long enjoyed on my advice. Contact them and I'm sure they'll advise you on how best to solve your problem anyway I'm not sure you'll find anything better in Singapore.
  14. hello everyone! Guys, do you have a sports field near your house? But I don't... I would like to have a sports complex to play football or any other sports.... But What's your dream?
  15. Hello everyone! Recently I was in holiday cottage and made a lot of photos but it was erased... Could anyone send me your photos of holiday cottage?