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  1. Perfect bedroom 


  2. Hello guys can u help me on the ID payment method and what's the best percentages, pls comment on the pic attached. Sis @mmoh pls feedback. Thanks uolls in advance
  3. Thanks for sharing @spikeling what's yur theme for yur apartment.
  4. HI guys Whats the market quote for a build in wardrobe which is ht 8.5ft and length of 7ft.
  5. First of all congrats to the completion of the Reno @spikeling super love yur grey brick kitchen wall. Very edgy feels.. Oh ya is yur wardrobe build in type?? How much did they qoute u for the build in wardrobe. Where did u place yur fridge anyway.
  6. Very well arrangement there @swatcL. I so love those floor lamp and those mounted cabinet above the TV. Looks cosy to me.
  7. A must have sheepfur rugs