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  1. Hi all.. Just got the keys to my resale hdb. It comes with a storage heater installed in the common bathroom supplying hot water to both common and master bath. The switch that control the heater is outside the common bathroom. Can i change the heater switch to be in master bed room instead and disconnect the common bath from the storage heater? then will install an instant heater in the common bath with the switch outside the common bath. As this is meant for tenants. Will this work... thanks !
  2. Hi all, i am contemplating the purchase of a unit and would like to check, from the floor plan, is the red circled area hackable? As it is indicated as a solid colour. Not sure if its even a load bearing beam as the area is so small. Thanks for all advises.
  3. hagenuk88


    Hi! Very nice pieces of furniture. Can you PM me the first and second shop names?
  4. Hi, how much do a relaminate like that cost, the result finishing is as good as the originals?
  5. Hi there, am really impressed with how your reno turned out... can pls PM me K's details? Your mailbox seemed to be full already