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  1. This is our EA floor plan. Lots of hacking work to be done. We bought over the recess area. Square feet is about 1625 = 150sqm
  2. Today is the day! We are finally getting our keys after waiting for a month since our completion date cos ex owner needed a 1 month extension. So just marking my journey here so i can look back in future! 10/11/2020 - Handover Day 11/11/2020 - Renovation work starts (which happens to be our 9th wedding anniversary!) 18/12/2020 - Moving day! 20/12/2020 - Handover of old 5 room flat. Yes, we have only about 5-6 weeks of reno. Quite short, but we already told our ID to make the place livable for us and not rush the kitchen reno since it the bulk of the work is mainly from there.
  3. It's not in Jurong! It's in Buit Panjang. A corridor corner. Glad and fortunate that i've got this house after countless viewing. When i went into this house, i just couldn't say no to it.
  4. Hi there! Thank you! Yup i hope it went well too!
  5. And soooo the hacking started! Kitchen Toilets NEW ENTRANCE to the WIW!
  6. HiE!! Thank you! The bed will be place facing the Master toilet in this room. Master Bedroom If you noticed, there is actually an existing tv hooks on the opposite wall where my bed will be placed in future.
  7. Common Toilet Master Toilet
  8. Master Bedroom The teared down Bedroom 3 (orinal layout) Bedroom 2 Studyroom
  9. The Living Room Walkway to kitchen The Kitchen
  10. Just a little flashback on TheHappyHouse. My husband and I got out keys in May 2011. But at the same time we were too busy to source for any ID at that moment as we are concurrently planning for our BIG DAY in November. We are newly married last month on 11/11/11. heee.. So we kind of put our renovation on hold. So on October we finally engaged a contractor recommended by a good friend of mine. Didn't engage any ID cos we are on a tight budget. But what's gd about engaging this contractor of mine is that he has a supplier of his own. Carpentry works come directly from their company and he have great contacts for anything and everything. So to say, i actually leave EVERYTHING to him. (I still made the decision though) So concurrently during my honeymoon, the contractor starts the hacking. So i wouldnt really waste any time to actually suffered looking at the mess. hehe.. Let me share with you the floorplans. Above is the ORIGINAL floorplan Previous owner hacks off one of the room (bedroom 3) and the balcony area and sealed up the study room which is big enough to make a room. And this is my PLANNED layout. Sealed back room 3 for my WIW!!!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to here! Would love to share with all of you on my journey on getting my very first house purchased to be renovated. So excited!