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  1. Hey! Great to see that your home is completed! Loved your wood grain tiles selection! Now you can slowly "zhing" more stuffs ☺ I got bifold lourved doors for my master bed room toilet too! Hmm it is a challenge to clean which I have get down to it after close to 2 years haha. It is true for the sound of "rain" but more true for the smell whenever one is "doing" the big business... haha.. But.. no regrets man.. it's too nice to resist liao. Since my request for a white frosted tempered glass swing door got turned down by my "CEO". Have a great Christmas and new year ahead!
  2. Hi Yellowteacups, Thanks! Type 美空人气鸿运树干树枝装饰橱窗屏风隔断枯木摆件白色干枝创意家居 Talk to the sales rep. Ask for the actual photo of the tree that you will be buying. The more outwards the branches, the higher your volumetric dims for shipping. There is some risk of some smaller branches breaking too. Choose the thicker ones to mitigate that risk. Happy shopping!
  3. Taobao! Type 出口韩国最流行的手工制圆形作水泥花盆可种 Type 出口手压欧式台阶楼梯水泥粗陶瓷多肉植物花 Enjoy shopping! I would say more than 80% of my stuffs in the house is from Taobao. ☺
  4. Hi Rxgn, My contractor quoted me 9.5ft for the full height cabinet including remodeling of the existing DB doors for $2,375. Just a personal preference to not see the edge of the cabinet from the corridor when standing in front of the master bedroom door. My contractor installed a partition wall to fill up the hollow wall before laying over the craft bricks. But the cabinet is installed directly on the HDB existing wall, so I still enjoyed the depth which can fit a A4 sized book well though the cabinet seems slimmer from the side. Pardon the mess.
  5. Confirmed Stray! All strings like stuffs makes them crazy. Especially for our 2 mths old Prince.. and more.. Phone cables, plastic bags, carton bags, scratching poles, scratching boards, leather chairs, carpets, bean bag and his favourite toilet roll! Their Wheatgrass is growing out fine. Waiting for the catnip and lemon balm to grow out :/ update pics soon!
  6. Haha.. it's one of the floor plants. They are attracted to the string-like leaves so the plant at the centre is left intact. So far, they haven't consider to conquer stage 2 yet Shall try the orange peels again after my wheatgrass grows out.
  7. The orange peels are too weak a defence for those Lil monseurs! And the wheat grass didn't germinate. Got to go get new ones. So far, half a plant RIP le.
  8. Kingandbin, that's great! Look forward to your posts! The maintenance is challenging. My cats seem to like to chew on the plants to simulate fur ball spitting. I'm growing some wheat grass on the side for them. Hopefully they won't "bully" the plants later. Also got the cat plastic spikes from Daiso as well to prevent them from stepping on the soil. Not a living branch anymore. got it from taobao.
  9. Hey Kingandbin, remember to remind him to use Chengal wood for better water resistance. Haha.. make the counter top a few cm lower so he can't lean Share more pics!