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  1. HI everyone, Initially I don't intend to post another topic on asking about reasonable quote since there's plenty threads. But after browsing, I couldn't find any that's similar to what we wanted to do. So here I am posting, yet another similar thread, seeking advice if the price is reasonable. Below is 1 of the 7 id/contractor that we've met and considering to engage them. Some items are not included yet, still waiting for them to revise the quote (eg. granite top) Hope to get some opinion from you guys, especially for those who have done platform with storage in the MBR 1 General 1.1 Washing for whole unit (General + Chemical + remove debris + clean window) = $700 1.2 Supply and lay paper protection include clear rubbish for whole house = $150 1.3 Application of HDB permit = $0 2 Masonary 2.1 Fabricate cabinet base with tile skirting = 3.6m $300 2.2 Fabricate fridge base with tile finish = $150 3 Tiling 3.1 Supply & lay 600x600mm homogeneous floor tiles for living, dining & 3 bedrooms incl skirting = 61.1sqm $6,150 $3.40psf 4 Plumbing 4.1 Install water pipe for cold and hot water supply from citigas heater to common bathroom, copper = $320 4.2 Install toilet accessories for 2 bathroom = $100 4.3 Supply & install material to run sink inlet/out pipe = $100 5 Painting 5.1 Supply & paint whole unit including door frames Nippon = $1,600 7 Windows 7.1 Supply & install window at service yard = 3.84sqm $600 8 Doors 8.1 Supply & install 3nos of Veneer door c/w lockset and handles for all bedroom PE Veneer hollow core = $960 8.2 Supply & install door for both toilets PD Door = $640 9 Living Room 9.1 Design & fabricate shoe cabinet in laminate finish (full height), Glass finish = 900mmL $850 $94/100mmL 9.2 Design & fabricate settee in laminate finish = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 9.3 Supply & install mirror at foyer = 2.80sqm $350 $125/sqm (Most probably will buy own, might be cheaper) 9.4 Design & fabricate L-shape dining bench Storage + cushion & backing = 3150mmL $2,850 $91/100mmL 9.6 Design & fabricate suspended collapsible table with folding legs in laminate finish = 1200mmL $800 $67/100mmL 9.7 Design & fabricate TV feature wall in laminate finish (full height) = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 9.8 Design & fabricate suspended console = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 10 Kitchen 10.1 Design & fabricate cabinet in laminate finish = 7400mmL $2,950 $40/100mmL 10.3 Supply & install dish rack Stainless steel = FOC 10.4 Design & fabricate laundry cabinet = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 11 Master Bedroom 11.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 4000mmL $3,450 $86/100mmL 11.2 Design & fabricate TV console in laminate finish Suspended console = 1800mmL $950 $53/100mmL 11.3 Design & fabricate platform with storage in laminate finish = 6.48sqm $2,350 $363/sqm 11.4 Design & fabricate headboard in cushion finish 1500mmL Full ht = $1,500 $100/100mmL 11.5 Design & fabricate 2nos. side drawer in laminate finish Suspended table = $500 12 Bedroom 2 12.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 600mmL $550 $92/100mmL 12.2 Design & fabricate single size bed frame in laminate finish Pull out drawer = $800 12.3 Design & fabricate study cabinet in laminate finish = 900mmL $400 $44/100mmL 12.4 Design & fabricate study table in laminate finish, suspended = 4950mmL $2,900 $59/100mmL 13 Bedroom 3 13.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 1500mmL $1,300 $87/100mmL
  2. Hi. May I know what's the height of the raised platform? I'm thinking to do something like this with ceiling fan but most id/contractor are advising against it due to the height. And also since you were saying the material is better, how is it now? I mean it's durability.
  3. Hi there,

    I'm Reeve from Ax image design concepts,Saw you comment on renotalk .

    Wonder you need a quotation from me to assist your renovation house ? If

    so, i need a floorplan from you and the things you wanna do . We do

    present 3D drawing.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  4. Hi all, I need some advice on oven, not sur if im posting at the right place..im looking for a counter top oven that can do conventional & convectional baking. Im using to bake cookies, cakes & pastries. If possible if it can also do multi layer baking. Im currently using Tefal OV1002 which sux as its heat in inconsistent and i keep needing to turn my trays. Hope to get help from here. And 1 more thing, wondering if anyone has tried Delonghi ovens -is it good?
  5. Last year I bought a Tefal ACTIVYS OV1002 oven, I supposed its a convection oven since it has heating elements & fan. However the heat are not consistent and now I'm thinking of buying a new oven which can also bake multi layers. After getting few quotes from local distributors, I'm left with choices of commercial convection ovens such as Roller Grill, Unox & Sirman. But now the problem is that, all the models that is being recommended does not have any top & bottom heating element and hence, it doesn't have functions to control the heat (eg, on/off top or bottom heat). I read some reviews online that using convection to bake cakes will result in a dry cake. I hope to get reccomendations on what to buy. Summary of ideal specs: - counter-top (no space for built in) - on/off top & bottom separately - on/off fan - multi layer baking (for cookies)
  6. it's been years since the last post, so im wondering is there new models which are recommended? i'm looking for upright/canister type that comes with handheld. preferably to be light weight, budget as cheap as possible . hope someone can help me with this. oh i dont have special flooring, just carpet n ceramic.
  7. Hi can someone pm me Iz's contact too? Thanks alot!