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  1. hi, im also thinking of fixing a ventilation fan in my toilet. What is the ventilation powered? Is it battery op or requires electricity? If its electricity, Im worried that I have to run an electricity line to my toilet (mine is a post renovation improvement project).
  2. my 2 cents worth. If U build wardrobe against the wall, you will get more storage space than inside the WIW. Of cuz the concept is diff from a WIW. my WIW is like yours, just outside the toilet. I find that humidity from toilet is a concern (may want to install those ventilator fan in toilet or use dehumifider). It can get warm inside the WIW. If your wardrobe in WIW has no door, dust is also a concern & of cuz the mess so you need to keep your things neat.
  3. Drawers below the table - we did away with those bec it obstruct our chairs (with arm rest) from getting as close to the table as possible. What we did was to construct 2 pedestial (similiar to what U see in office) on wheels with lock - 3 drawers - shallow, deep & deepest.
  4. I need help! How to clean the cooker hood (the one that sucks up the oil etc)? Mine is really oily & dirty. I tried hot water with dish washing liquid, gif, baking soda but the oil still stuck in the "honeycomb"
  5. where did u get the low stool/step in your WIW? and how much pls? thanks
  6. I'm also using Olee for my WIW. The power adaptor died on me once, and I got it serviced (i called the person in charse. was told to leave it at homefix for pickup/repair/collection). To lengthen the shelf life of your dehumidifier, you use 1) do not switch it on 24x7 (damaging for your electricity bill too!). Only on when you need. If you on aircon, you can off olee 2) clean the cover and top portion. you will see dust accumulated there. This makes your olee sucks harder and shorten the life span.
  7. pebsb


    book your own air tix (air france having promo at $800+). Then sign with an inland tour agency - contiki (age below 35, more fun/party, not quite honeymoon tour) or cosmo (slightly more ex than contiki but less than insight?). Or just DIY. Europe is very easy to go around by yourself and you save a lot more too!
  8. Nice 3D! Your kitchen entrance is pretty wide? Seems like its more than 1m wide? You planning to do a glass door? Pls let me know how much your designer charge for that and the spec. Thanks
  9. I dont know her exact address (i only know how to go there..haha), but its near Loyang point. R u using ID or contractor? did they give you a revised floor layout plan with the furnitures in? Actually your kitchen is quite spacious - can fit your dining table in or have an island!
  10. hey, you layout is 99% similiar to my sis-in-law place at the east part of spore too! its really very spacious! After all the hacking, you're left with only 1 bedroom (common room 2)?
  11. Photo studios are moving to digital instead of film because 1) most cameras these days are in digital format 2) digital is 'cheaper' - only need memory card. film cost more; still need to develop 3) instant result - can see on screen. can edit using photoshop. Not like film, need to develop then can see result. Touch up is on the film itself which takes more time. Colors, contrast are richer in film. B/w still look best in film. Unless you're taking scenery or high constrast photo, to the non pro like us, and in wedding photos, the difference between film & digital are not that obvious.
  12. I think I must be one of the few brides who didnt top up anything at all for the photos. I did my pre-wedding photo ala carte i.e not with bridal studio. We managed to grab a CNY package from Chris Ling at a special price of about $1k for 28 pages of 8R photos (1 photo on 1 page). [he usually charge $3k & more for prewedding shots] We took over 400+ photos (he used a digital camera). There were a few shots of each poses (one smile, one no smile, one hand raised, one hand down etc). After eliminating similiar shots, it is effectively about 100 photos. From there, we hard-heartedly trim down to exactly 28 photos. We were asked if we like to top up to i) change the album from the older version to a new thai silk cover ii) change from one photo to many photos per page (i think what you call digital?) iii) bigger size photo 10R / 12R We rejected all top up because i) we queued for the special package because we want to lower our cost. If we were to top up, it defeats the purchase of saving cost in the 1st place ii) we felt that the photos look better one pix on one page instead of many photos (montage) as we felt that his designer's skills were not that good. Moreover the photos were good enough to stand on its own iii) the album cover is but cosmetic, and we can live with the older cover iv) we felt the 8R size is handy and fine with us (lighter too!) To Chris Ling's credit, the sales people were still friendly and professional even though we were on a special promo package, and didnt top up everything. Top Service! Did we regret not topping up? Yes and No. Yes, of course I was tempted to top up at that time. I would like more of the photos we took - afterall Chris is a great photographer. No, because we saved money, and the album has been in storage ever since after our wedding! But of course, this is all a personal choice and decision between the couple. Whatever it is, enjoy your special day
  13. I read that you can 1) go get your design printed at bras basah 2) buy those oyami paper from aquarium shops - black, red, blue colors - draw & cut out your own pattern The above works for glass, not sure about wall
  14. ubi estate has some baby kingdom warehouse shops - 2 of them tehre. You can check them out. Or buy online? Or get hand-me-down from friends Or borrow
  15. may I know where you get your mirror from & how much? Thanks!