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  1. Okok... I am here again.. RT very weird. I always have problems replying.. Air, arbo you take leave to accompany me go window shopping?
  2. Never bluff.. I had been msning with Xinyi for the past 30 mins liao.. I just reached my mum's place.. Went for lunch with my ex-colleagues..
  3. Ok... I finally can log in and reply liao.. Think IE not very gum with RT... Now I am using Firefox to surf RT...
  4. Slept at about 1plus lor.. Aiya.. No matter what time I sleep, I also wake up late one...
  5. Yoz!!! I am in liao!!! Just woke up...
  6. yup.. And out of the 30% that are asked to stay, only about 20% stayed.. The remaining 10% also chose to go... After paycut, it's too miserable.. No one wants to stay at all... It's ok.. I am not affected by this exercise at all... In fact, I am hoping to go... I had been msning Xinyi lately about this... Actually ger, u know ar, the higher management also retrenched... The mid levels ones also.. Only left those very new students... I also don't understand what my boss is thinking... Becoz of this, all the old employees also chose to go even when offered to stay on...
  7. ......... I thought I wrote " handover" my work to my colleague? You never understand my words and reply me blindly ar??
  8. Dunno also leh... I am afraid if I leave early, they deduct my payout... Coz hor, no one seems to leave early... After lunch, I am coming bk to get my testimonial leh... I already typed liao.. Haven let my ex-manager sign nia...
  9. Finally got time to post le... So busy clearing all my work just now.. already handover to my colleague.. Hopefully, I can leave earlier later...
  10. Morning gers~~ Stupid Monday is here again...
  11. Really leh... Rain the entire day... Only kinda stop at about late evening.. But really super cooling.. You damm bad.. How can say your hubby boring?
  12. LOL.. You are totally making full use of the holidays... Any plans for 1st Jan 09?
  13. I got no more leave liao.. Only left MC, of course can only take MC lar... Where are the rest of the people??
  14. Morning gers~~~ How was your Xmas? Xinyi is right about me.. I took MC on Wed.. Can't be bothered to come anymore.. But KNS leh.. I never come, my manager declared half day for everyone at 12pm.. I loogi sia...