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  1. Hi NSW, This is a very impressive renovation on a 4NG. I have more or less the same 4NG flat in woodlands and I will be renovating in a couple of weeks. Would you mind if I visit your flat? I know its a long shot, but just want to see how it actually looks like. Let me know if this is possible. Jasper You can email me at j.h.n.lim@gmail.com Thanks
  2. Did anyone has any solution to this? I am thinking of sealing off the master bedroom toilet wall and hack a new door from the kitchen side. Then remove the toilet bowl completely from one of the toilet and turn it into a dedicated shower room. Is this possible?
  3. Hi, I have the same problem as you! Is yours 4NG? I am thinking of doing dedicated WC and a Shower-room and open door from kitchen. Not sure if this can be done though. Just an idea. See image below
  4. Hi All, I have a 4NG resale flat in woodlands. The two bathrooms are very tiny. I am thinking having a dedicated toilet and a shower room. Is it allowed to completely remove the toilet bowl and the pipes to make it into a dedicated shower room? Can I break the kitchen wall to create a door to the W.C.? Please see attached drawings for illustrations. Please advise.
  5. Hi, My 4 room HDB flat in Woodlands is going to have a HIP upgrade shortly. I want to take this opportunity to renovate the flat into a Japanese Minimalist Interior. Prospective ID must be able to show us a sample how the flat will look like on computer using 3D software. The ID must be a specialist in japanese minimalist designs. The ID must also be reliable and effciently in following up with contractors etc. Interested to take this job? Email me at: j.h.n.lim@gmail.com Thanks Jasper Lim
  6. Hi All, I have been running around to hardware shops, but they do not sell kitchen cabinet spare parts.. Do anyone of you know where i can get the cabinet spareparts? thanks, please see picture below:
  7. Hi, I would like to replace my old stove and add a built-on oven below my stove. However, at the moment, below the stove is the cabinet. Does anyone know of a good qualified contractor who can hack the cabinet and fit in a built-in oven? Also, I would like to have recommendation for a reasonably price stove and built-on oven. Can anyone provide recommendations?
  8. Hi, I am looking for a handyman/plumber to do some minor repairs and refurbishment of my toilet. - Remove some old stuffs from the wall - Refurbishment floor titles, some sealant/silicon has come off - Some minor re-piping. - Changing of pipes If you are located in woodlands, please email me j.h.n.lim@gmail.com with your number.
  9. Looking for a painter to paint my 4 room resale flat. Some parts of the wall need to be 'sand' straight and smooth before painting. If you have any good recommendations, please PM me and let me know the quality and price. Thanks!