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  1. Hi all, anyone purchased Samsung digital locks from Gmarket before? The prices for export sets are really much cheaper than the local ones. Please do share your installation experiences if any. Thanks & cheers
  2. Hi nickguthe, Thanks so much for these details. Need it just in time for my orders lol. I suppose for your 1st shipment, you bought 1 cubic meter worth of items. Pls do share the pics of the items that you've bought as I'd like to gauge the volume. Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  3. Hi dandelion1976, may I know roughly how much extra are you paying for the forwarding services plus taxes for bricks. Thx
  4. Hi Scandipenguin, Would you mind sharing your quote for kompacplus top pls. thanks.
  5. Hi Marcel, really impressed with how your bathrooms turned out! its neat & functional. What people usually do is to move the basin out which is a no-no to me. I wont sacrifice my bedroom place for a basin lor. When you are free, please please post a pic on the other side of the bathroom where the basin is, would like to steal some ideas from you. Thanks On a side note, you mentioned that the boxed up for the pipings in the bathrooms & the master bedroom air-con truckings are all using calcium silicate board, is this method expensive? Please share the cost of it if its convenient. Thanks again!
  6. @kaykay, I'm camping here to see the results of your DIY! I'm excited for ya
  7. Hi all, any recommendation on induction ceramic hob? Thanks!
  8. hi, anyone uses induction or ceramic hob? was advised that there might be a tendency of tripping the electricity if too many appliances were used at the same time... I stayed in an opposition party area so there's no city gas. (there's really a line drawn between PAP & opposition!) It's either LPG or via electric hob. I'm uncomfortable using LPG, like got risk of explosion (LOL) & also it's troublesome getting the guy to change as & when. Advice pls....thx
  9. Hi, enjoyed reading the progress of your reno, you have a nice place coming up Looking at the original floor plan and the revised one, I realised the position of the toilet bowl has changed in order to make place for the bath tub. I wanted to change the position of mine too but was told that its not possible. Please advice, I wanna do it too ^_^..
  10. Hi dandelion1976, Thanks so much for the contact. Lets keep each other posted of how we can modify the drop to perfect it!
  11. Hi, Im looking for an appropriate black ceiling fan for my home too. May I have your contact in JB for this? How did you manage to adjust the length of the drop? Thanks!