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  1. Hi everybody. Due to my tight schedule I was not able to update my T blog. Finally I have time for myself. Just to update everyone my reno was completed a few months back and I have moved in. Let me tidy up my place first and I share with you my new place. I am still buying furnitures and stuffs to dress up my home. More shopping in BKK. I was quite surprised they allowed me to check in a side table and a stool. No additional cost. I will definitely buy more chairs for my next BKK trip. If you like stuff by Hiroshima. You should visit www.hygge.com
  2. Wirriam At Hoe Kee. As mentioned in my post. Price I forgot. They are alway having a promotion for basis and tap.
  3. Vuzu Not possible. The lumens is very low.
  4. Is very tough to define scandi? Where to brought? Any Cheap and Good recommendation?
  5. Dear LH I have no idea. I got them from Max Coil during a fair. Maybe you can give them a ring.
  6. Hi On No shadow. I did my homework and calculation for the lighting layout.
  7. Thanks for your concern. This was swiftly rectify by the contractor. Another happy customer for BIG A.
  8. DINNING TABLE CUM WORKSTATION I love it for the sensual minimalism. Fully extendable, from 6x to 8x sitter. Yet stable. SOFA Finally I got my own mini L shape sofa. I think is a bit over price for a non designer + locally made. (I am thinking of changing color of the 2x torque blue pillows covers. What do you think?)
  9. LIVING HALL Honestly we are really BAD with colour combination. Therefore to be on the super save side the only colour we have are greys. Difference shades of greys, mainly cool grey. We are still waiting after the other 6 dinning chairs, coffee table, bedside table to arrive.
  10. LAUNDRY CUM FRIDGE AREA Nothing special. At least the place is kept neat. We are saving the area on the right for a large laundry basket. Hopefully we can find a modern & stylish laundry basket. Between the dryer and washer we are planning square basket to keep and hid all the washing detergents. Any recommendation?
  11. KITCHEN FAUCET STAINLESS STEEL FLEXIBLE HOSE To be rectify. Without considering the length of the SS flexible hoses. The plumber had installed a 90 degree copper elbows resulting my SS flexible hose to bend unnaturally. According to Grohe's installation guide bending the hose is a big no no. I think in matter of time the inner rubber tube will either leak or burst and wet my cabinets. (I can't afford this to happen as I am alway out of town.) Each Flex Hose is USD38!
  12. Hi Weng I am travelling now. Don't have the quote with me. If my memory is correct below is the est figures. Doors and frame abt 2300 Window, grill and gate abt 2500 BTW. For the grill and gate I am using solid alum rod with powder coating.