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  1. Thanks all for the love on the tv console. Nope it is not from TB although it would be nice if we can find the exact one from TB at a cheaper price! We got ours in Home2U Furniture stores in Singapore.
  2. Tips for drilling the brickwall. 1) DO NOT drill on the brick itself silly. They are extremely brittle. Drill into the grout. 2) Use SLOW drilling and not pulsing. 3) Use a small drill head. Good luck!
  3. Hi All! Thanks for the compliments on my home. My ID is Jimmy from 3D Innovations. As with all other things online, I would still strongly suggest future home owners to do their own research and read plenty of reviews before deciding on an ID/contractor. Bear in mind that some contractors label themselves as ID, but is really just a contractor in the end. Ask yourselves a few questions before deciding on one: 1) Does he understand what we want? 2) Can we communicate well? 3) Has he proven himself to be a good and efficient project manager? (A competent and efficient project manager turns out to be a very big deal for us. We got quite vexed at one point when the ID wasn't quite living up to our expectations. *we are both virgos. :-p*) 4) Can he propose good and practical ideas for our home? 5) Do we already know what we want for our home? This will pave the answer for the next question. 6) Do we want a DESIGNER or a CONTRACTOR? Of course the latter tend to be cheaper. Enjoy the whole process of renovation! Meet up with these ID/contractors! Visit their 'showrooms/showflats'! Those were three quite tiring but extremely exciting months in our lives! We wouldn't trade that for anything else. Have a happy xmas renotalk-ers!
  4. Hi Moominmamma, My "wooden" tiles are from Hafary. Prices are as per quoted there. :-) Cheers
  5. Hi eelnaes! Here you go! http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=38187359060
  6. Hi Shazy! I will PM you the quote. Maintenance is quite fuss free if you are not very particular about water stains. Although it can be wiped off, but you do need some effort in scrubbing. Stains occur when you leave water droplets to dry on the surface. So what I find myself doing now is to constantly wipe my table top dry, even during food preparation. But it's not really a bother to me. Although I do get a bit paranoid when other people are using my kitchen. Material wise it is really water proof. Quite scratch resistant as well. But I have done my due diligence of not purposely dragging my kitchen utensils along the kitchen top. However, I have had the top for less than a month, so I can't really comment on what would happen in the long run when water does get in the material along the sides. I have definitely not lit a fire on it so I would not comment on its fire retardant properties, if any. I would always use a cork board to support my hot pots and pans from the fire or oven. Aesthetics wise I will give it a full score. It gives a warm feeling to the kitchen (if you choose the wooden range) and the material feels really nice. Finishing is nice as well but just pay particular attention to where the silicon is applied. You wouldn't want water to go to places it shouldn't be going. Keep your table top dry and handle with care, it should accompany you for a pretty long way. But! Keep in mind I'm just using it for less than a month.
  7. Hi Ken82, Apologies for the late reply. Our fan has a remote and no it does not have any lights. Our model is SA565, 56". Good luck on your purchase!