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  1. Thanks. Haha, I was very lazy to write actually, thinking that pictures tell a thousand word.
  2. BTW, the service of our ID is not great but the sub-con they hire their workmanship is very good. You can contact Inspire ID group, my ID is Joline their main line is 6251 9300.
  3. For the TV feature I actually design the entire thing myself including draw out the 3D sketch and set the dimension of tv feature wall.
  4. Hi, for the living room I used Sequoia dusk 5091 while the master bedroom is Dauphin Gray 1198, the other 3 side I used Smoky.
  5. Hi matchalatte, the dining chairs come free with the purchase of the dining table, it was a very good buy the entire set only cost a $1000. My house is 4 room, for the 2 common bedroom I didnt do much to it that's why I didnt post much pictures of the 2 rooms. Here is my floor plan: TYPICAL 4-ROOM FLOOR PLAN APPROX. FLOOR AREA 93 sqm (Inclusive of Internal Floor Area 90 sqm and Air-Con Ledge)
  6. Here is my floor plan: TYPICAL 4-ROOM FLOOR PLAN APPROX. FLOOR AREA 93 sqm (Inclusive of Internal Floor Area 90 sqm and Air-Con Ledge)
  7. Part III: End Result dining room living room without furniture with furiture master bedroom Kitchen Common bathroom Master Bedroom bathroom We have already move in to our sweet home! In total we spent around 23k excluding the furniture and electrical appliances. PS: A bit lazy to photoshop the pictures so the colour of the pictures are not so nice.
  8. Part II: During Renovation My husband and I spent about one month on visiting various ID, in total we meet up with around 6 IDs. As we have limited budget in the end we went for the cheapest quote. Actually we are not totally confident with the ID, so in order to make sure they will do a good, since they start the renovation work, we will visit the house every single day just to make sure nothing goes wrong. For the theme colour we decided to go for grey as the colour is easy to match with furniture and gives a chic look. Also I really like marble texture so we heck the living room floor and change it to marble like homogeneous tile and use marble laminate for the tv feature wall.
  9. I always have a princess dream, so even though I only have a low budget of 23k, I decided to make most out of it. Before Renovation:
  10. hi, jayjaytan I have just sign up with an ID,I can PM your her contact. I would say that their renovation work and the staffs that serve us are ok, the shop is quite well established. The main reason I choose them is because their quote is so far the cheapest I have got but you need to bargain with them to get the best deal ( like really bargain and ask for freebies).
  11. It looks very expensive too me. I am looking for IDs too, your quotation seems a lot higher than those I have got. For example 3.1.a the price of the wardrobe, from what i know the market price is $280 per feet , but your wardrobe is $323 per feet.The painting work is very expensive too, maybe they are using some special paint but the usual price is around $1300, so far the maximum I have seen is $1500.
  12. You can try those IDs along Balestier road, their price are generally market range and quite reasonable. I have not yet found an ID that I really trust or the price is really cheap, still trying to find one.BTW after asking for 5-6 quotes, I feel that those IDs online usually quote higher compare to those with a proper physical shop.
  13. I am looking for a trustworthy ID too. What I find might be a issue to this quote is :To fabricate 2 units of laminated solid plywood kitchen cabinet c/w abs trimming as per design proposed - $2970, the length is not being identify. If the quote is for 10 feet then its actually quite expensive, if thats for 20 feet, then its actually a good deal I suppose.