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  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up but isn't that much more costlier than my current quote? Nevertheless, i've just engaged the contractor who quoted me as above peepz! It's not easy to compare itemized i realize.. It's all about the final figure actually, with them just shifting the numbers around. :/
  2. Oh dear... Then how? :/ Not that I've made any payments yet but I guess I have received even higher quotation before and this seems the lowest. Got lobang to recommend?
  3. Ah... I see... I guess it's because the contractor has viewed my place and has been informed of what I want. Maybe that's why. It would be about 16 feet in total. So that should be reasonable I suppose?
  4. Hi dear formers, I'm wishing to seek advice on my new 4-room BTO (93sqm) simple renovation quote. WET WORKS 1. To supply and construct window opening between living and kitchen wall incl. make good - $950 2. Solid surface for new window opening work top - $350 ALUMINIUM WORKS 1. Bronze aluminium tinted glass sliding window for service balcony window opening (3 panel) - $680 2. Bronze aluminium window grilles for whole unit window opening - $820 Exclude service balcony window opening 3. To supply and install 2 sets aluminium PVC bi-fold door - $480 CARPENTRY WORKS 1. To fabricate 2 units of laminated solid plywood kitchen cabinet c/w abs trimming as per design proposed - $2970 2. To supply and install one set S.S dish dryer - $150 3. To supply and install drawer soft close and soft close door hinges - $280 4. Solid surface for kitchen cabinet work top - $910 PLUMBING WORKS 1. To supply labour and materials to connect PUB gas heater piping from service balcony to common bathroom - $350 2. To supply and install one set single bowl kitchen sink c/w mixer tap - $480 ELECTRICAL WORKS 1. To supply labour to shift 13amp socket and install switches for cooker hood and oven - $280 TOTAL: $8700 Is the above reasonable?
  5. Hi LoveScandi, Beautiful design and outcome there! I'm just curious to know as i never really got to see a clearer picture as to how your wiring was done. Seems to me that on top of using the given electrical point for the fan in the living room, may i know how exactly did Contractor E hide the wiring for the track lights above your TV console? Concealment? Or did you like fix up a false ceiling?
  6. I see.... Understood! Anyway, I think I've read somewhere that HDB permits does not require any form of fees or charges. Is that right? Coz if so, why then do quotes include permit fees?
  7. I see.... Thank you for sharing your experience Vicki! Looks like it can't get any cheaper than that, else we're risking compromise on quality, right? Hmm.... Got some quotes from a few IDs but alamak..... Dunno why the quotation includes other unneeded stuffs, as if I'm renovating the whole house despite informing them what I only need.. All in all, average range $10k.... -_-"..
  8. Hi guys and girls! New here to the forum and i do thank God that there's such a resource (although uncomfortably too massive!!) for homeowners old and new, like me, to seek knowledge and advice. Nevetherless, I've collected my keys to a 4-room BTO (93sqm) @ Sengkang region and right from the start, wifey and i have settled to slowly build up our house over the years, only planning to do up the necessities; kitchen, flooring, paintings, ceilings, MBR pole-system wardrobe. What we've secured so far is the materials for flooring (Rhino Vinyl) and paints, which will be manually installed by a relative and myself. Now we're scratching our head as to what would be a reasonable quote for these: 1) Kitchen cabinet (1 side top+bottom, 1 side bottom only) 2) Partial hacking of a dining & kitchen wall to create a bar top 3) Installation of window grilles for the whole house except foyer (middle section only) 4) x2 track lighting (1 purposed for TV console area, 1 purposed for art gallery wall) 5) pole-system wardrobe with enclosure and a single full length mirror door in MBR Pretty much that's all... I've received a shocking quote (which i'm quite wary although i'm not sure as i'm new) of about s$3.5k just for the kitchen cabinet alone and s$1.1k, s$1.6k, s$1.8k for Solid surface, Granite top and Quartz top respectively. Any advice?