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Found 5 results

  1. Please do not use localInn interior design. Especially the ID Kenny . We choose them as given a quote that matches our budget. About 60 k for the whole HDB 5 room. During his site visit he mentioned the old ceiling can be reused. Half way thru Reno he texted us saying the ceiling cannot be saved and that cost us another 5 K . During choosing of tile he didn’t openly communicate that workmanship involved will cost another few 1000 . The addictional cost was more than 10 k which we could have gotten higher reno loan. The job competed is half way and after we paid our 95 % payment he started to ignore our text msg of touching up. I mentioned I do not want a two way swinging door at the kitchen as the wind from kitchen window is strong and it will cause injuries to anyone standing near the door. Literally smack to the face. He kept delaying the request and accident until it happened when my kids visited the new house. Again no apologies. Anyway I shouted at him and things was done. We communicated to the management and they are not very apologetic either towards the whole matter. Makes me wonder if this is the way how they deal with all customer. Overall very disappointing experience and in future I won’t engage any ID. Aint supposed to take away our stress of Reno? Unfortunately this is not the case. I do have many other items to show that they are quite brainless in the design pics below. Pic A fridge beside oven? Fail design! pic B He ask us to get a switch for the light and it not in use . Why’d I we need to pay so much and still need to get the switch ? pic c super loud buzzing sound when switch on ? Why no answer from him too. pic d see the unevenness on the wall he blame it on HDB workmanship!? Maybe expert here can share ur thoughts. After paying so much? He build the light to make it more obvious. It’s a joke right? Pic E and F he had no prior contact to any door supply or window supply we waited for his contact till the end of Reno and so we had to find ours . The thing is the painter already far gone to touch up the paint… How can a ID company comes with no contact ? Weird right? Pic G well u can see I cannot build a curtain rod up from the ceiling cos he build a light wire case there . This happens after we told him in the early stage that we will install curtains! the rest is history … move forward I guess
  2. Hi all, I've recently purchased a resale flat and approached a certain ID firm recommended by a friend. They said they'll get me a good price but honestly it's feeling pretty expensive. I might be wrong so I would like the help of the public please. It's a 3+1 room resale flat that's basically empty. How do I go about this? Should I post the quote I got from him? The whole thing is costing me about 51 thousand right now and another 4325 from the electrician who I also feel is overcharging me. The CAT 6 cable is 150 each though I've seen other people reporting 75-90?? I'm not sure about the prices of the other components. As for the renovation itself, I can upload pictures of the design as well as of the prices on the invoice for you guys to take a look. Please help, I feel like we're being cheated here or something or maybe I'm just inexperienced. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I recently want to renovate my BTO premium flat , this is the first time I get quotation from ID , may I know this quote consider expensive or reasonable? Sorry for bad grammar. Free Servies For Items 1-7 1 Interior Design and space planning layout 2 Perspective Drawing 3 Consultation slection of home furnishing 4 Decoration advice 5 Jobsite co-ordination and supervision 6 Apply for HDB renovation permit 7 Floor protection for masonry work done 8 Mansonry works 8 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles skirting for kitchen cabinet Per ft $20 9 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for washing machine $120 10 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for fridge $120 11 Construct shower kerb at both bathroom c/wt iles finish $130 Plumbing works 12 Extend stainless steel expose pipe for kitchen (Cold only) $630 13 Install inlet/outlet drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine F.O.C 14 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater/1 nos of storage heater $160 15 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of accessories for 2 toilets $200 Ceiling works 16 Design , supply and install fiber plaster light box for living/dining Per SQFT $5.50 17 Supply and install false ceiling at foyer & bedroom entrance Per SQFT $5.50 Painting works 18 Nippon (V5000) paint for all internal wall & ceiling 4+1 colour $1200 19 Nippon paint for all doors frame, pipeline and household shelter door and frame F.O.C Carpentry works 20 Living- Suspended design TV console in laminate finish (6ft) $780 21 Foyer - Design low height shoe cabinet in laminate finish (5ftX3ft) $780 22 Foyer - Design settee in laminate finish (2ft) $200 23 Master bedroom - Design casement wardrobe in laminate finish (6ft X 8.5ft ht) $1400 24 Master Bathroom - Design vanity cabinet in laminate finish (5ft) $600 25 Kitchen - Design and install 20 ft kitchen cabinet c/w 10 ft Quartz kitchen worktop $4800 GLass and windows works 26 Supply & install aluminum sliding windows grills for whole house windows $980 27 Supply & install aluminum sliding windows @ Service Yard $650.00 28 Supply & install 10mm tempered sliding glass door @ Kitchen entrance (c/w partition extention) $800.00 29 Supply & install pray paint glass backing @ Kitchen (10ft) $480.00 30 Supply & install 10mm tempered wall to wall casement shower screen @ Master Bathroom $450.00 Remark: 1.All carpentry work c/w solid plywood and internal colour pvc 2.Soft closing system will provide to all cabinet 3.All carpentry work having 2 years warranty 4.All cabinet can choose over 100 type of laminate 5.Kitchen cabinet and Ceiling works need to calculate the area but the calculating way is provided
  4. Hi all, I am going to collect my keys to my place next year and have started to look for ID for preparation of my flat. Mine is a 4 room BTO which I have opted for flooring and doors to be done. So far I have went to about 4 IDs, some are too expensive and some way too cheap. I even have 1 quotation from an ID for whole house renovation, including changing of kitchen table top from solid surface to quartz, having a full length mirror at dinning, false ceiling for whole house (except 2 bedrooms) and making dinning bench all for $11,888. As a newbie, I would like any advise on how much a rough 4 room BTO renovation would cost and any recommendation so that I can have a better idea. Thank you!
  5. Very new to this forum. So not very sure on what is the standard 5Rm BTO packages or any best quote that you guys might have. Below are what I got quoted for. Standard Flat Package Professional service Design Consultation & Space Planning Design Proposal & Perspective Drawings Selection of Colour, material & accessories Site coordination & Supervision Decoration advice Masonry Works Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles c/w skiting in living area Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles c/w skiting in dining area Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles in household shelter Supply & lay 600mm x 600mm homogenous floor tiles c/w skiting at all bedroom Construct cement concrete base for kitchen cabinet c/w side tiling Construct cement concrete base for fridge c/w full tiling Construct cement concrete base for washing machine c/w full tiling Construct shower kerb in toilet area Plumbing Works Supply & install new inlet / outlet piping for washing machine Supply & install new inlet / outlet piping for kitchen sink Supply labour to install 1 no of kitchen sink & tap Supply labour to install 1 no of tank heater Supply labour to install 2 set toilet accessories Ceiling Works Supply & install false ceiling or L-box design in living area Supply & install false ceiling or L-box design in dining area Supply & install false ceiling at Bedroom Passageway Supply & install false ceiling at Foryer Area Painting Works Supply painting of internal walls & ceiling for the whole house using ICI emulsion paint Supply painting of all door I frames, gate, piping etc.. Other Works Haulage Works Clearing of whole house debris General cleaning & acid washing for whole house Floor protection for whole house Carpentry Carpentry Works Design & Fabricate a L20FT top & bottom kitchen cabinet in selected laminate finish c/w ABS Trimming internal carcass white PVC Supply & install L10FT GRANITE work top 1 no of frosted glass panel 1 no of stainless steel dish rack & tray 1 set of drawer c/w metal runners 1 no of cutlery tray Selected imported designer handles Selected imported hydraulic hinges FOC Aircon System 3 Inverter Hood, HOB, Sink and Tap Anti Slump for kitchen cabinet Additional Add-Ons To supply & install design full height shoe cabinet at bomb shelter in foyer area. L6FT ($2,280) To supply & install design full height feature wall at bomb shelter in foyer area. L3 ($1,140) To supply & install design full height feature wall for LCD in living area. L8FT ($2,800) To supply & install design suspended TV console in living area. L7FT ($1,400) To hack off existing wall to half in kitchen area ($1,100) To touch up existing damage tiles in kitchen area ($400) Additional L15FT kitchen cabinet from package ($1,800) Additional L8FT granite top in kitchen area ($1,140) To supply & install sliding door window in service balcony area ($800) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Standard Package : $20,800) Total quotation: $35,460 (Standard package + Additional Add ons) 7% GST: $2,482.20 Net Sum: $37,942.20 Not sure if can get cheaper with what I want? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!