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  1. Don’t engage The Local Inn interior. No communication and not professional. I order to get the job they quote the desire amt thereafter lots of additional cost. Very stressful.
  2. Please do not use localInn interior design. Especially the ID Kenny . We choose them as given a quote that matches our budget. About 60 k for the whole HDB 5 room. During his site visit he mentioned the old ceiling can be reused. Half way thru Reno he texted us saying the ceiling cannot be saved and that cost us another 5 K . During choosing of tile he didn’t openly communicate that workmanship involved will cost another few 1000 . The addictional cost was more than 10 k which we could have gotten higher reno loan. The job competed is half way and after we paid our 95 % payment he started to ignore our text msg of touching up. I mentioned I do not want a two way swinging door at the kitchen as the wind from kitchen window is strong and it will cause injuries to anyone standing near the door. Literally smack to the face. He kept delaying the request and accident until it happened when my kids visited the new house. Again no apologies. Anyway I shouted at him and things was done. We communicated to the management and they are not very apologetic either towards the whole matter. Makes me wonder if this is the way how they deal with all customer. Overall very disappointing experience and in future I won’t engage any ID. Aint supposed to take away our stress of Reno? Unfortunately this is not the case. I do have many other items to show that they are quite brainless in the design pics below. Pic A fridge beside oven? Fail design! pic B He ask us to get a switch for the light and it not in use . Why’d I we need to pay so much and still need to get the switch ? pic c super loud buzzing sound when switch on ? Why no answer from him too. pic d see the unevenness on the wall he blame it on HDB workmanship!? Maybe expert here can share ur thoughts. After paying so much? He build the light to make it more obvious. It’s a joke right? Pic E and F he had no prior contact to any door supply or window supply we waited for his contact till the end of Reno and so we had to find ours . The thing is the painter already far gone to touch up the paint… How can a ID company comes with no contact ? Weird right? Pic G well u can see I cannot build a curtain rod up from the ceiling cos he build a light wire case there . This happens after we told him in the early stage that we will install curtains! the rest is history … move forward I guess